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PLA-059 – As Soon As You Meet, This Actress Will Pounce On You And Have Creampie SEX With You Serina Hayakawa

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

[PLA059] 出会って速攻、女優の方から襲いかかる生中出しSEX 早川瀬里奈

This is part of a series by Das. This installment stars Serina Hayakawa. It’s a great series. The concept is as follows: The actress wears an outfit with good accessibility, sometimes she’s even filmed pulling down her panties from under her microskirt. A guy is doing something in another room. He doesn’t know there’s a JAV actress nearby. The actress storms in, forces him to the ground, and starts humping the surprised man vigorously. Of course, it’s unlikely the guy knows absolutely nothing, since that would mean lawsuits, but it’s pretty well-acted and most importantly for many people I suspect, it leaves the actress needing to visibly enjoy sex. They’re usually quite giggly and enthusiastic in this series. Most scenes in the series end with the guy trying to escape, and the actress at first succeeding in holding onto him, maybe jerking off his dick for a few more strokes, but then eventually letting the guy get away, pretty cute.

And that’s exactly how it goes in this one. In the first scene, Serina wears a pretty conservative white top and tiny tartan skirt that doesn’t even cover the top of her ass, aka the ideal size and position. In the second scene, she’s naked from the start, since it starts, and takes place, in the shower.

The third scene is pretty weird. Serina wears a spaghetti strap, belly-free top and panties, accessorised with a pearl necklace (the jewellery, you filthy person) and two bracelets. The guy she’s surprising is lying in a basket with a collar, leash, handcuffs and ball gag on… Serina has a crop and a paddle in her hand but only uses the crop sparingly. She does engage in some kind of violent stuff, like pressing her knee into his scrotum. After that though, she takes off his ball gag, puts away the crop and paddle and gets to suck his dick. The scene remains a bit BDSM-y though. Serina makes him lick her feet and stands on his stomach, for example. There’s some face-sitting and a lengthy footjob too. She squeezes her tits in his face and makes him suck on them while she rides his dick cowgirl, though without penetration. Serina then puts a small dildo into the guy’s mouth backwards, so she can suck on the rubber penis. She then kisses him a bit, jerks him off in a really uncomfortable position and finishes him off with a regular handjob while he’s lying on his back. I really couldn’t summarise this scene too well. Even more so because it ends with Serina peeing in his mouth. The fluid looks clear, so it’s probably just water. She strokes his hair once she’s done, he leaves the scene and it ends.

In the next scene, Serina wears the outfit from the cover: A lingerie bra, tartan microskirt + belt, black and red stockings, and a choker/collar. In the last scene, Serina wears a pretty conservative white top + skirt, though this one does show a bit of cleavage, and light blue lingerie underneath.

Over the course of the movie, Serina sucks dick, gives handjobs and footjobs, gets groped, licked, and fucked in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy (standing and kneeling). In the penultimate scene, Serina services three guys at once.


CJOD-031 ~ Suck Until They Bend Over Backwards In Pleasure! The Blowjob Goddess Shizuka Kanno ~

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

[CJOD031]  仰け反るまでジュル舐め!神フェラ 神納花

  • Kanno does what she is best at, making a lot of noise when blowjobing dudes. Takes several finish to completion with cum in mouth. Regular sex inbound also on floor, standing position and roleplay in nurse uniform. Taking vaginal sex in several positions.. doggy, cowgirl, missionary.
  • Sex acts: oral.creampie blowjob dildo squirting handjob reverse.cowgirl threesome female.rimming.male cowgirl missionary


[CJOD-154] A Big Tits Older Sister Who Is Supposed To Be Restrained By The Back Alley And Should Help If I Pretended

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD154] 路地裏で拘束され抵抗できないフリをしてたら助けてくれるはずの巨乳お姉さんが痴女化した


[CJOD-151] Even Though It Looks Gentle I Will Not Stop Seed Squirrels Until I Sweat Inside The Vagina Monster My Sister Fellow Asuka

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD151]  優しい見た目なのに汗だくになっても膣内射精するまで種搾り騎乗をやめてくれない性欲モンスターお姉さま 仲間明日香


[CJOD-155] Holy Water Bukkake Esthetic Salon Hatano Yui

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD155]  聖水ぶっかけエステサロン 波多野結衣


[CJOD-150] Time Unlimited!Launch Unlimited!M Male Only Ultra-luxury Creampie Inauguration Soap Soap Takarada Momami

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD150]  時間無制限!発射無制限!M男専用超高級中出し淫語ソープ 宝田もなみ


[CJOD-077] Sister To Ejaculation Control The Brother Of The State That Is Compressed Restraint Can Not Be Hamstrung Shiina Sky

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD077] 圧縮拘束され身動きできない状態の兄を射精コントロールする妹 椎名そら


[CJOD-136] I Will Ejaculate Until Morning Seed Squeezing Press Arai Ara

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD136] 朝がくるまで射精させる種搾りプレス 星奈あい


[CJOD-109] Tongue Down With A Tongue And Beckoned Into A Good Guggoppo!Chin-shab Love Beautiful Woman’s Cow Feratek Attracts You

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD109]  舌でチロチロ焦らしてグッポグッポ咥え込む!チンシャブ大好き美女の腰抜けフェラテク魅


[CJOD-092] Best Bodied Vs Middle-aged Oyaji Neat Entwined SEX Sakurai Aya

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[CJOD092]  最高のカラダvs中年オヤジねっとり絡みつきSEX 桜井彩