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SSNI-200 – Group Molestation Coercion Of A Nationwide Idol She Got Her Uniform Stripped Off By Her Fans And She Couldn’t Utter A Sound As She Was Forcibly Raped

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SSNI200] 【数量限定】国民的アイドル脅迫集団痴漢 声も出せない状況でファンに制服を剥ぎ取られる強制挿入レ
Scene 1: Scene 1 starts with Miko on the train and old man approaches her and feels her up and touches her which makes her uncomfortable. She moves away next to the doors of the train but he keeps following her and forces himself on her. He touches her all over, continues to grope her and gets his cock out and begins to rub his hard cock all over her thighs. Miko manages to escape and gets off the train and heads to the public restroom. She cries in the bathroom as she is humiliated, but the relentless old man has followed her and continues to force himself on her. He touches and gropes her once again and then forces her to give him a handjob and then a blowjob. The old man then gives her a facial.

Scene 2: Apparently Miko is somewhat of a celebrity and as the old man leaves her another man comes up and while he speaks in japanese i kind of feel like he behaves star struck and all. But Miko is uncomfortable after what just transpired and just heads off. The star struck fan soon learns from the old man molester that how he played with Miko and used her and the fan gets angry and beats the man. The scene transitions and we see Miko again on a train and this time she gets forced by a masked man who has accomplices. She is bound and her shirt is pulled open, ther tits played with and a tie is put into her mouth to gag her. We learn that her new molester is her fan. Miko gets chained to one of the handles as she is felt up, her pussy gets rubbed and fingered. Then she is made to give the fan a blowjob and then she gets fucked by him in standing missionary, standing doggy, doggy and missionary positions all while she is chained up. In the end she gets a pop shot on the face.

Scene 3: In the next scene Miko is again on the train and the old man from scene one is there. He can’t seem to get enough of Miko and toys with her. He molests her once again and forces her to get semi naked as she gets filmed by an accomplice of the old man. The old man makes her suck his cock and then eats her pussy. She is bound once again as she gets finger fucked and is made to suck more cock. The old man then fucks her in missionary position, doggy, standing doggy and then cums on her ass. Then many other men come over and maker her suck their cocks and she gets facialized.

Scene 4: Final scene again takes place on a train and this time there is a gang of guys who have come to fuck Miko. They tease her and show her pictures and videos of her that were taken by men who have fucked and force fucked her. She gets collared and then her body gets toyed with. Her tits her groped, squeezed, licked. Her pussy gets licked, rubbed and fingered. Then a bevy of cocks are all out as she is made to suck on them one by one and is forced to give handjobs. Then the men all take turns fucking her in standing sideways, standing doggy, missionary, standing missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy positions. All the guys take turns then cumming on her face.


[SSNI-305] Uniform Maniac Middle-Aged Men Violate Pristine Sailor Beautiful Girl Over And Over Arina Hashimoto

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SSNI305]  制服マニア中年男たちが何度も犯した絶品セーラー美少女 橋本ありな

First scene: she is restrained while she is massaged by a middle-aged man. Initially starts playing with her feet and then he moves onto her tits, ears, and pussy. She is fingered for a bit until she squirts. Next, she gives him a blowjob and then they move onto doggy-style sex. Mostly missionary sex follows with a bit more fingering until squirting at one point.

Second scene: She is groped and is fingered by a different middle-aged man. She then gives him a quick blowjob and then they move onto missionary sex. Next they do doggy-style, then cow-girl, and then back to missionary.

Third scene: she is gagged and has her hands restrained above her head while she is groped by multiple older men. They use a vibrator and dildo on her pussy. She then gives them handjobs & blowjobs. Finally, they all cum on her (some on her uniform and some on her face).

Fourth scene: She is again groped & fingered by multiple middle-aged men. She starts giving them hand/blow jobs. Finally they move onto sex sometimes while she also gives a blowjob to a another man. A few of them cum on her face.


[SSNI-291] She Starts Sobbing When Her Throat Gets Fucked – Akiho Yoshizawa

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SSNI291] 嗚咽したら即・喉突きピストンで更に追い込む追撃イラマチオFUCK14連発 吉沢明歩

First scene: Deepthroat blowjob in office clothing. She cries a bit and eventually he cums in her open mouth. Without cleaning off the cum, she rubs herself a bit and begins another deepthroat blowjob. She starts using a vibrator on her pussy while giving the blowjob. He finally cums on her face.

Second scene: 2 men start rubbing and kissing her. Then they move onto fingering her and sometimes while one of them puts their fingers in her mouth. Next, she starts giving one of them a blowjob sometimes while the other fingers her pussy. She continues to give them blowjobs for awhile switching back and forth between the two. Then, one of the men starts fucking her pussy usually while the other fucks her face. They swap to various positions until they both cum on her face.

Third scene: Gives multiple men blowjobs, most of them cum in her mouth.

Fourth scene: She is restrained to a chair while she is groped and has a vibrator in her pussy. She has her face fucked by a few men sometimes while another uses a vibrator on her pussy. Next, she is restrained to a pole while she gives a couple men a blowjob. Next the move onto fucking her while she gives another man a blowjob (still restrained to the pole). They cum in her mouth a few times.

Fifth scene: Starts out with a man fingering her mouth, then he starts fingering her pussy. Then, she gives him a blowjob until finally they move onto fucking. Another man enters the room and starts facefucking her while her pussy is fucked. They fuck her pussy and mouth in various positions until they cum on her face.


SSNI178 – Mikami Yuya

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

[SSNI178]  vs三上悠亜 本性剥き出し欲望丸出し理性ブッ飛び1対1の極限5SEX

There are about 6 scenes here and most of the standard JAV stuff is covered: lots of kissing, blowjobs/cunnilingus, reverse/cowgirl, doggiestyle, & cumshots to the face/mouth. There is also some footplay and a scene with a bit of light bdsm where the male actor is tied to some bars.


[OFJE-168] Nitto Natsono’s First Best S1 Debut 1st Anniversary All 13 Titles 12 Hour Special

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

[OFJE168]  日菜々はのん初ベスト S1デビュー1周年記念 全13タイトル12時間スペシャル


[ONSD-571] Hana Haruna S1 8-Hour Special

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

[ONSD571] ハナ・ハルナS1 8時間スペシャル

new-jav.net_ONSD-571 1.mp4
new-jav.net_ONSD-571 2.mp4

[OFJE-169] We Fuck Up The Flowers Of Takamine!Shameful Lesbian • Gangbang Special 83 Rush Hour 8 Hours

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

[OFJE169] 高嶺の花をめちゃくちゃ犯しまくる!恥辱のレ○プ・輪姦スペシャル83連発8時間


[SSNI-320] Fluid Intersecting, Dense Sex Hatsune Fumika

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

[SSNI320]  交わる体液、濃密セックス 初乃ふみか


[SSNI-319] Happy Birthday ● Love Po Instant Measure, Azusa Serving Someday Quickly Maid Sound Azusa

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

[SSNI319]  おチ●ポ大好き即尺、いつでも即ハメご奉仕メイド 音あずさ


[SSNI-317] Limited 10 People! Suzuki Shinsatsuku Fans And Squinting Whatever Ali ‘s Night 2 Days 10 Paco 13 Shot Private

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

[SSNI317] 限定10名様! 鈴木心春がファンとハメまくるなんでもアリの1泊2日10パコ13