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[SNIS-974] The Summer Camp That I Was Led By A Rice Teacher Was A Famous Yalliser Raiding Camp. Akiho Yoshizawa

Monday, August 21st, 2017

[SNIS974]【数量限定】新米教師のわたしが引率した夏合宿は、有名ヤリサーの輪姦合宿でした。 吉沢明歩 生写真3枚付き


[ADN-132] “Female Teacher Rape Plan” – Nerdy student blackmails his sexy teacher into a permanent sex slave!

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[ADN132]  女教師玩具化計画 川上奈々美
Intro Scene:
So we’re brought into class and goddamn this students are like 40 but that’s to be expected for a porn I guess. Suddenly two of the students get into a fight after a joke is made and the beautiful teacher, played by Nanae Kawakami, separates them. She comes and visits the bullied student in the nurse’s office. I think he gives her a present and next she’s on the subway thinking dramatically. He’s over watching him. I guess her husband reads the note skeptically as she brings them a bottle of wine. Next thing you know he’s in her office and attacks her. She tries to escape, dizzy from the chloroform. THEN BAM HES BEHIND HER. He sticks his hand through the bookshelves and chokes her unconscious. He drags her away and begins undressing our beautiful heroine. He places her hand in her panties. This is where I will label as scene 1.
Scene 1:
With her hand in her panties and legs spread, he takes a picture of the unconscious teacher. She starts to come awake and tries to escape as he licks her dementedly. He gropes her and pulls off her panties, exposing her cute milf butt and panties as she cries with reluctance. He then goes down on her pretty pussy. Next he forces himself on her and fucks her on her back while she slaps and struggles. He licks and fucks her, rolling her over for some prone bone and we get a good look at how nice that booty is. Several positions lead up to an unwanted creampie that leaves her in shock, still dizzy from the drugging. He takes more pictures, shows her, and then leaves her with nothing but tissues to clean out her pussy. She cries. Now he has the pictures for blackmail.
Scene 2:
He sees her in school the next day and reminds her of his possession of the pictures that he plans to use as blackmail. He takes her to the bathrooms and begins stripping her roughly. She still struggles. He puts a remote controlled vibrator in her pussy and has her teach class. He slowly turns up the strength while she tries to sleep. The bully notices. Foreshadowing?
Scene 3:
We’re brought into the abandoned room again and see her sucking his cock, vibrator still in her panties. He takes more pictures of her with his cock in her hands. He forces his cock down her throat and plays with her nipple, still using the vibe to his will. He cums in her mouth. Then the bully discovers the situation! He comes in and enjoys the use of the vibrator, discussing nefarious plans with his previous victim. He does a huge bow out of respect. Next he forces her on our second student’s cock which is implied to be sort of sweaty. They talk while she gags on his cock, all the time he’s holding her head. Then he cums down her throat.
Scene 4:
They bring her to the a room where one of the teachers is teaching and the retired bully starts licking at her pussy through your silky white panties where the retired victim gropes her tits. She desperately tries to hold her moans back so as not to wake the sleeping man. She tears up as she tries to hold her moans back while her two students finger her and suck on her nipples. She’s not doing a very good job tho.
Scene 5:
They force her to suck on the second guy’s cock again and she’s reluctant still. Next thing you know one of the guys is fucking her doggy while the other is getting his cock sucked. I think this might actually be her house now. More creampies and cum in her mouth all around as she gets groped and fucked sideways with a cock in her mouth. Next she rides cowgirl, humiliated and slow. He makes out with her while she fucks and her moans are sstarting to sound a little happy while she gets groped. Then the second guy cums on her face and she starts to cry again. She gets fucked with cum still on her and gets filmed the whole time. She gets fucked for awhile before this scene comes to an end. Heh. Get it.
Scene 6:
It’s morning and she’s getting dressed when her husband comes up from behind and startles her as a joke, giving a hardy good morning. Poor guy. Next we find that the two students have her explaining chemistry in the nude to them. Followed by blowjobs and handjobs all around! They cum in her mouth and force her to swallow while she cries and struggles, then coughs after swallowing.
Scene 7ish (a number of short scenes)
We see her get groped in public on the train by her demonic students. Then we see her giving a handjob sneakily in the library during the schoolday while the student watches with a creepy grin and rubs her pussy through her panties. We see her putting on makeup in her room and reading the letter again. We see her on the subway again crying. Wow. This gets dramatic. Then I guess the guy who I thought was her husband is preparing to propose to her but she’s late. Wow this is getting sad.
Scene 8
Sad music is still playing as we cut to her and her students fingering her. They kiss and lick her all over and she seems to be getting used to the deal. Maybe even enjoying it a bit? Dramatic. She’es giving a blowjob now and doesnt seem to need a hand to hold her down to get into it. She gets fucked doggy style while she blows other guy. Then she gets prone boned. Then fucked with the nerd and her on their sides. Then she gets fucked on her back, moaning with pleasure as she strokes the guys cock above her head. Next she starts riding him cowgirl, more of her own will this time. Then the other guy fucks her roughly with some standing doggy while she sucks the nerds cock, tasting her own pussy I’m sure. They trade turns fucking her and getting handjobs and blowjobs from her. The nerd finishes with a creampie. Leaving her pussy dripping and her exhausted. The bully guy brings the cum up to her face and rubs it against her tits. The bully kid pushes his cock in her pussy and starts fucking her again. She starts riding him cowgirl soon and gets super into it, moving real fast and moaning with delight. They fuck again in missionary and he makes out with her. leading to yet another creampie and exhaustion. The credits roll and we see a janitor who has found her in her humiliated state. The guys seem chill even though theyre all naked. I’d love a translation of what happens here, but the teacher is dizzy and out of it from all of the fucking. The janitor leaves, probably assuming it was consensual. Fade to black.


[WANZ-656] Aki Sakurai Who Is A Professional Instructor Who Makes A Child To Teach You How To Use 100% Of Your Body

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[WANZ656] 自分の身体を使用して100%孕ませる方法を教え込む子作り専門インストラクター 桜井彩


[PRED-004] Seductive Pacifier Teacher Sakaki Aki Who Has A Fiancee

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[PRED004] 婚約者がいるのに誘惑おしゃぶり女教師 佐々木あき


[SHKD-754] Female Teacher Humiliation Still, I Love My Students Karai Hikari

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[SHKD754]  女教師レイプそれでも生徒を愛している 光井ひかり


[MIDE-432] Rebuked Train Gingin Ji ○ Port Dirty Woman Teacher Reward Is Semen Cum! ! Bud

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[MIDE432]【DMM限定】チ○ポをギンギン鍛えるお叱り淫語女教師 ご褒美はザーメンごっくん!! つぼみ チェキ付き


[MIGD-767] Plump Woman Teacher Reverse Seeding Press! !

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[MIGD767] 來 Chitose むっちり女教師逆種付けプレス!! 由來ちとせ


[PGD-956] Seductive Teacher Sakurai Aya Who Is Tempted To Have A Fiancee

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[PGD956]  婚約者がいるのに誘惑おしゃぶり女教師 桜井彩


[RBD-833] Nude Jessica Kizaki Of Leaving School Exposed The Shame

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[RBD833] 放置学園 晒された恥辱の裸体 希崎ジェシカ


[MIDE-443] Tea Cups Are Practicing During Provocation! It Is!Temptation New Teacher Ito Chimimi

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

[MIDE443] おチ○ポ挑発練習中!!誘惑新任女教師 伊東ちなみ