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[DAVK-038] I Want To Become Famous. I Want To Become An Idol

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

[DAVK038] 【有名になりたい。アイドルになりたいんです】
Aya Miyazaki in [I Want To Become Famous. I Want To Become An Idol] A Documentary About A Beautiful Girl With Black Hair And Neat And Clean Looks Who Has Cum To Tokyo “This Wasn’t The Way Things Were Supposed To Go” She Was Forced Into [Outdoor Public Pussy Grinding] [Shameful Piss Fountains] [Consecutive Deep Throat Massive Dick Sucking] [Mind-Blowing Outdoor Fucking] [All-Deep Pussy Ejaculations] (2018-12-28)


The video starts off with Aya Miyazaki, a petite girl, in a trench coat in what seems like a hallway of a public area. The man behind the camera is instructing her to open her coat and expose her black bikini underneath. She flashes her tits and then he gives her a vibrating egg to play with. In the next scene she’s between 2 masked guys that are whispering at her and playing with her nipples. She seems pretty hesitant although aroused. Then they pull aside her bikini bottom and start to finger and lick her pussy. The vibrating egg comes out again and they start stimulating her with it. Then she gives them both a blowjob and they cum in her mouth. She spits out the cum and plays with it.

Next they’re driving in a car. She takes off her shorts, revealing her panties, and starts to play with herself. They give her a vibrating egg and she starts to masturbate while the car is still in motion (you can see cars pass by the window).

In the next scene, she enters a room on a leash where 4 masked guys are sitting. They walk her around like a dog on all fours. Each guy takes turns fondling her tits and ass while she has a vibrating egg in her panties. Then they bring out 2 magic wands and start playing with her tits and pussy. Then she stands up and squirts in the face of a guy laying on the floor. Then 4 guys line up and she blows every one of them. Each guy takes turn having sex with her in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style positions. Next the go outside and fuck her over the balcony. After that they take turns in missionary with her on a small mattress on the floor. As each guy finishes, they take off their cum-filled condoms and taunt her with them. Next, they bring out a funnel, stick it in her pussy, then empty the cum from the condoms into it. Next they give her a dildo to fuck herself with while they watch the cum drip out of her pussy.

The next scene is a 1-on-1 in a bedroom. She starts with a blowjob, then he fingers her, then get into cowgirl position. After that they do doggy style, missionary, and they finish with a creampie. Then the other guys enter the room and take turns in missionary position with her. They cum on her tits and stomach.

The video ends with her fucking a guy in reverse cowgirl position in a bathroom.

Sex acts: flashing, cunnilingus, threesome, ass to face, cum in mouth, masturbation, gang bang, fingering, squirting, face-sitting, doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl


Aya Miyazaki


DAVK-040 – 105 Cm Big Breasts I Cup 7P Large Gangbang

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Hot censored jav film with four scenes that all feature a curvy Japanese girl getting gangbanged. Sex acts include male/male/female threesome, blowjobs, blowbang, gangbangs, handjobs, titfucking, female masturbation, male masturbation, spitroasting and vaginal sex in various positions (doggystyle, standing doggystyle, missionary and cowgirl).



[ID-018] 2 Sheets Set 8 Hours A Day For Pregnant Girls To Shoot

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

[ID018]  異世界に転生してエルフ酒場に入ったらモテモテだった件


[T-28558] Torture Sex Record By Exchange 4 ~ 2 Uncles ~

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

[T28558]  渚 平 • 花 姪交換4 ~2人の叔父による調教姪っ子交換記録~渚みつき・平花


[T-28557] In The Family NTR Incest Record Video Of The Daughter Who Sleeps Daddy Secretly To Mom

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

[T28557]  ママに内緒でパパを寝取る娘の家庭内NTR近親相姦記録映像 有栖るる


[T-28556] On A Day When My Parents Were Not There, I Ran Around All Day Until My Sister And Sperm Died. Matsumoto Nanami

Monday, April 29th, 2019

[T28556]  両親の居ない日、僕は妹と精子が枯れるまで1日中ヤリまくった。


[TWD-167] International Campaign Girl

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

[TWD167] 国際キャンペーンガール


[W-4] World Gals Fuck!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

[W4] ワールドギャルファック!


[W-6] World Gals Fuck in South America

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

[W-6] 南アメリカでのワールドギャルファック


T28-385 First Love ~Asami & Mizuki~

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

[T28385] 初恋〜麻美とみずき〜
When he returned to the countryside his two little nieces Asami and Mizuki were super excited to see him again. These two cuties have been waiting all year to play lovers with their favourite uncle, and he’s only too happy to play with them as he fucks one creampie after another into their tight little pussies.

1st scene:

Pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, fingering, missionary, doggy, prone, blowjob, multiple creampies.
2nd scene:

Pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, fingering, cowgirl, blowjob, doggy, sideways, missionary, multiple creampies.
3rd scene:

Threesome, handjob, blowjob, 69, scissoring, doggy, masturbation, missionary, fingering, creampie for each girl.
4th scene:

Pussy rubbing, handjob, blowjob, cum in mouth.
5th scene:

Pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjob, cum in mouth.