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[AVOP-342] Ultimate Big Busty Shiina Tamimi

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[AVOP342] 超えげつない巨乳 椎名いくみ
This film is, which is an entry in the Japanese Adult Video awards 2017(AVOpen). The true japanese girl next door vibe. Fujikawa Reina is inviting her neighbour after some basketball plays for some after court action. He’s investigating every part of her and exploring her nipples, vagina and whole BODY!
After some teasing he cant take it anymore and drops her dick for her to play with all in a japanese suburban setting.
If your dream is to move to japan and have a sexy fucktoy then this movie is as close as you get without actually doing it!

Contains: Touching, teasing, doggy, oilplay, blowjob, missionary and riding


[BXDR-011] Rino Kiuchi – Bakuya Slave Shit Stupid Woman Abuse Edition

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Rino has had a bad feeling about this; she sensed that something was wrong on the way to the set. Earlier on, she was at a photoshoot at the park. But she obliged anyway. And then she signed the contract that technically sealed the deal…. and her fate.

The very second she signed and put her thumbprint on the legal paper, she got her hair pulled, neck choked and tossed around the set.
She was immediately crying and broken down! This, however, didn’t stop the crew. Far from it. If any, it got the crew to get more aggressive, enjoying the pained look on her face. She may have had an out-of-body experience, as even though she was crying uncontrollably, she was sort of… not there?

I have sympathy (a little) for her. But she did take it well, considering.
She was fucked like a trashcan, with her holes forcefully inserted, and her body pushed to its limit!


[PCHD-002] Mio Hoshii – Impregnating Girl In Uniform

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

[PCHD002]  めすブタ制服受精 星井みお
Getting pregnant is something that’s exclusively for women, and we men intend to keep it that way. Though the girls claim to want equality, we beg to differ. Being pregnant is also something that all women can relate; it makes them whole.

So you should not be surprised to note that this girl came for an dult video shoot, with the aim of getting pregnant.
Trash her body, fuck her brains out, make her orgasm. Whatever – just make her pregnant!


[CLDG-005] Drool Runaway Super Milk Mom Miyase Saori

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

[CLDG005]ドール逃げるスーパーミルクママMiyase Saori


[HBBH-001] AV First Fallen Bleached Wife 33-year-old Whirlpool Mom Fujikawa Sayaka

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

[HBBH001] AV初の漂白妻33歳の渦巻プールママ藤川さやか


[GAMS-013] Confession Of Married Women Mikuko Mikami

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

[GAMS013] 人妻たちの告白 三上真由子


[GICP-001] Intelligent Glasses Wife AV Seeding Appeared Tatematsu Ichino

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

[GICP001]  知的インテリ眼鏡妻のAV種付け出演 立松一乃


[CLDG-007] Miracle Of I Cup God Chichibi Wife Isoyama Koho

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

[CLDG007]  奇跡のIカップ神乳美妻 CLDG


[TOYOHIKO] [BHSP-012] Sex Addicted Jogger – Misato Yoshiura

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Scene 1:
Misato Yoshiura is in her jogging outfit with hand grips as the camera follows her jogging. She does a quick interview with the camera man outside and they go back to the house in the backyard. Misato is now in a blue jogging shorts and a blue top with white running shoes. She is flexing for the camera and is sweating. She smiles and starts to do stretches with her cute bubble butt moving for the camera. Inside the house the guy starts to touch her body. Misato looks at the camera while getting molested and her saliva is used to coat her jogging top. She moves over to a yellow dildo mounted on a wall and deep throats it while drooling. She licks the yellow dildo while looking at the camera and mounts the dildo and starts to ride it. Misato fucks the dildo while giving the guy a blowjob. He lays down and she rims out his asshole and spits on it while jacking him off. She lays down and gets fucked in missionary position. They switch to doggie position while a closeup on Misato’s face as she is getting fucked hard. The guy shoots his load in her cunt and fingers out the cum as it drips onto the floor.

Scene 2:
Misato is naked and is bound with red tape and rope and a mouth gag while two mini Hitachi Wands are on her pussy. She drools saliva over her oil covered body as she struggles with the wand. The guy touches her body while she struggles.

Scene 3:
Misato is now dressed in a pink jogging top, shorts and white running shoes and shows off her bubble butt to the camera. She is made to suck the guy off while looking at the camera. The guy bends over and Misato rims out his asshole and jacks him off. She spreads her legs and he plays with her jogging shorts while she blows him. He shoots a ton of cum all over her face.

Scene 4:
Outside, Misato is jogging again with her white top and black running spandex leggings. She comes over to the camera and is sweating. She removes her white top and shows off her cute light purple jogging top that’s covered in sweat. Outside in the back of the house Misato starts to exercise with hand grips and moves her body for the camera. She is in the house and the guy starts to touch her body. Misato lays on the bed and the guy takes off her running shorts and uses a dildo on her spandex leggings. She is molested again and sucks off his cock. He cuts a small hole in her leggings and finger fucks her pussy then inserts his cock. He fucks her in missionary position and she sits down on his cock and rides it. He fucks her in various positions until he cums inside her pussy. Misato takes a shower after showing off her body.


[ZKWD-006] After-school Meat Urinal 6th Sakaefuji Nagisuna

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

[ZKWD006]   放課後肉便器 6人目 栄藤凪沙