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[XBNC-001] True Extreme Horny Luxury Married Ryoko Kanno

Saturday, June 29th, 2019

[XBNC001] 真性極淫高級人妻 菅野涼子


[DSHM-001] Blow Princess Gal’s Girl Karin Nakajo Karin

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

[DSHM001] フェラ姫ギャルっ娘 かりんちゃん 中条かりん


[DCNN-001] Midori Asakura Wife Athlete Sweating Body Fluid

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

[DCNN001] 発汗体液まみれのアスリート妻 麻倉みどり


[BMTV-001] Sweaty Creampie Sex With A Married Badminton Player Tomomi Konno 27-Years-Old

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

[BMTV001] 結婚したバドミントンの選手と汗だくなクリームパイのセックス紺野友美27歳


[KKBW-003] Big Boobs Nymous Legs Lady Washio Kasumi

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

[KKBW003]  巨乳淫乱の美脚婦人 鷲尾かすみ


[KKBW-004] Charisma Yoga Teacher’s Legs Copulation Kagisaki

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

[KKBW004]  カリスマ ヨガ先生の美脚交尾 籠咲茜


[NPJX-001] Track Athlete – Chinatsu Oyama

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Scene 1:
Chinatsu Oyama is outside in a park wearing a track running outfit. A red short top, white running shoes and white track shorts. She is sweating and answering questions to the camera man. Chinatsu poses for the camera showing off her perfect body and butt.

Scene 2:
Back at the house, Chinatsu is now in a purple track outfit and a guy starts to touch her body. Her nipples are molested and a yellow dildo is brought out and put in her pussy. The guy uses a long stick and fucks her pussy with the dildo. Chinatsu rides the dildo and the guy uses a ton of lube and spreads it all over her track top and tits. She rubs the lube all over her body and sucks the guy off. She masturbates her pussy and continues to suck the guys cock.

Scene 3:
Chinatsu is tied to a chair with red rope and red tape. There is a wand taped to her pussy and she is wearing a blindfold and a mouth bar. One guy molests her tits while the other guy uses the wand to fuck Chinatsu’s clit.

Scene 4:
Later on, Chinatsu is wearing a one piece red swimsuit with a running blue running long sleeve top. Her swimsuit is covered in sweat and water. She looks at the camera with swimming googles around her neck as her body starts to get molested. Chinatsu sucks the guys cock while looking at the camera and rims out his asshole. She deep throats his cock and spits out a massive long strand of saliva onto her swimsuit! The guy shoots his cum all over Chinatsu’s face covering it.

Scene 5:
Outside, Chinatsu is wearing her red top and white shorts running outfit and is stretching. She does some running and jogging while the camera follows her showing her perfect butt. Back at the house, Chinatsu has a purple long sleeve top on over her sweat covered body. The guy takes off her top and molests her tits. He lays Chinatsu on the bed and spanks her ass then she sucks his cock and rims out his asshole. She gets fucked in missionary position while looking at the camera and then in doggie position. She rides his cock and he cums inside her pussy. Chinatsu takes a shower after wearing her track outfit then gets naked showing off her body.


[SLMS-001] Swimsuit Mania – Ikumi Kuroki

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Scene 1:
Ikumi Kuroki is outside in the backyard of the house stretching in her white swimsuit and is all wet. The camera guy splashes water on her as she continues to exercise. Back in the house Ikumi is being molested by the guy while she is laying in a small pool. He plays with her pussy and inserts six egg vibrators into her pussy and covers it with her swimsuit bottoms. Ikumi struggles with the eggs and sucks off the guys cock and rims his asshole. She gets fucked by the guy in multiple positions and he cums on her pussy then sticks it back in and shoot the rest of his cum inside.

Scene 2:
Back outside, Ikumi is on a glider exercise machine and is naked. The guy splashes water on her while she exercises. The machine is changed to a upright position and Ikumi does some pull ups in the rain. Inside, Ikumi is now wearing a blue swimsuit on another exercise machine and has a ball gag in her mouth. He entire body is covered in oil and she shows off her bubble butt to the camera. Her hands are bound to the top of the machine and legs are taped to the sides. The guy fucks her pussy with a wand as Ikumi struggles. The wand is taped to her sides and the wand is stuck inside her swimsuit.

Scene 3:
Ikumi is wearing a yellow two piece swimsuit with white running shoes and she is showing off her bubble butt to the camera. She sucks on the guys cock and rims out his asshole. He fucks her armpit while she drools all over her swimsuit. A mouth ring is put in Ikumi’s mouth and he shoots cum all over her face and mouth. Ikumi masturbates while her face is covered in cum.

Scene 4:
In the bathroom, Ikumi is sitting in the tub wearing a red one piece swimsuit. Outside, she shows off her bubble butt to the camera and gets water dumped on her. Back inside, Ikumi has a mouth guard on and is tied to the bed. The guy plays with her body and spanks her ass. He plays with her pussy with the wand and she sucks him off. Ikumi rims out the guys asshole and he fucks her in various positions. He cums in her pussy and feeds her the cum. Ikumi showers after and cleans out of her pussy.


[KKJN-001] Real Black Gal Dancer Creampied By a Black Man Christina Maeshima

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Obviously Chloe is not fully Japanese, Black and Japanese so she is Blasian….

First scene: Chloe’s is walking down the street in a nice tight grey dress. She goes inside with a guy who starts playing with her ample tits through the dress, then the tits com out and he start playing with them. Next Chloe starts masterbating with one of those crazy Japanese vibrators then she gives him a blow job berfore they have sex (missionary, cowgirl and doggy style).

Scene 2, She’s completely naked and oiled up (yum!), she poses and dances a little then they guy masterbates her with a crazy Japanese vibrator

Scene 3, She looks to sexy wearing a Japanese school girl uniform, well most of her is… those big tits are just hanging out of the top. She blows the guy and titty fucks him, then he comes on her face.

Scene 4, starts with her Twerking and hip-hop dancing in tight jeans and then in a minskirt, again her tits refuse to be bound by clothing. The guy plays with her ass and tits, from somewhere she get some sexy hipster thick rim glases and wears them while she blows him (I think if she had worn the glasses with the shoolgirl uniform my head would have exploded!). She eats his ass while jerking him off, tit fucks him then they fuck (missionary, cowgirl, doggy, standing doggy) He finishes by giving her a creampie in missionary.

Google tranlation of the Japnese movie discription….
“A strong body odor and rich pheromone’s Gatial Black Gal, Majima Christina. Extra-Long Meat Sticks Deep Throating & Uterus Pinch Sucking Sweaty Pregnancy Fuck! ! 1 My clothes check 2 fingers Irregular skill juice nipple messing ~ Huge cock Deep inside / half / semi cum out SEX 3 Oily Naked body crotch dance 4 M letter restrained continuous Ikasa 5 black cogal JK uniform Ilama & Deep Throat ~ Throat Coquor Massacre Facial Masturbation 6 Gatironial Black Dance 7 Bitchware Ilama & Sweaty Impregnation Big Dick Fuck 8 Shower”


[MCKN-001] Schoolgirl Soccer Club Manager Makes A Filthy Recording With A Guy She Met Online

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Oyamada met a guy online, and was very keen to meet him in person. She liked him; he seems to be a gentlemen. Cute emojis sent daily, and thoughtful quotes of wisdom made her wet down under. She was not to realize (until much later) that the guy was only after her body.

She was blossoming into a fine young girl, and a face that made her look much younger – this got him interested.

Early on, the sex started very sensually, and she was okay with him taking her virginity. But it took a change for the worse, for this guy has had his fair share of sexual encounters, and sensual/erotic sex may not be his thing after all!