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[TURA-255] NTR Netora Are Series Son Passed The School Of Choice!Visiting The Station Before The Masses Tavern In Delight!Drunk Was Your Exam Story That Cuckold In The Dingy Dormitory

Monday, January 9th, 2017

[TURA255] NTR寝取られシリーズ 息子が志望校に合格!歓喜で駅前大衆居酒屋に入店!


[TURA-257] But Is An Ordinary Office Workers In Their 40s, Something?Reality!Story That Could Be Able To Sneak Sex In The Treatment Room

Monday, January 9th, 2017

[TURA257] 私、40代の普通のサラリーマンですが、何か?実録!平日の昼間にオイルマッサージ店で働く奥さんと施術ルーム


[TURA-256] Wife Because Of The Son Caused The NTR Netora Been Series Mob And The Trouble Is … Not Cuckold In The Bottom Of The Thugs And Forced To Sex Of Pearl-filled Ji

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

[TURA256] NTR寝取られシリーズ 極道と揉め事をおこした息子のせいで妻は…単身で組事務所に謝罪に行くも手打ちにしてもらう条件にそこのチンピラとセックスさせられ真珠入りのチ


[TURA-258] Because The Husband Without Resourcefulness Is Sexless From A Few Years Ago … NTR Netora Been Series Story That Cuckold Wife

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

[TURA258]  NTR寝取られシリーズ リストラ無職の夫にかわり生保レディーになった妻をスケベな顧客に寝取られた話「甲斐性なしの旦那とは数年前からセックスレスですから…」


[TURA-259] From The Wall? !Invisible Man? !The Culprit Is A Ghost? !Nobody Not Supposed Pies Has Been A Nurse

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

[TURA259]  壁から?!透明人間?!犯人は幽霊?!誰もいないはずの病院で突如としてあらわれた何者かに背後からデカチンを


[TURA-248] Pissing in the Corner

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

[TURA248] 団地の管理人は困っています。奥さん、そんなところでオシッコしちゃだめですよ48名

Got a new one for you today, not something I usually watch, but when I saw it I figured that someone here would like it, so what the hell? (lol) Anyway to be clear this vid is PISSING ONLY And features short vids of many different girls pissing in the same 4 locations in the vid.

Though there are 3 differnt locations (a yard, a hallway, a small car park, and an alley) all the vids seem to follow the same routine…..the girls show up, look like they really need to pee, find the secluded spot, look around a bit, then drop their panties, pop a squat, piss, then clean-up, and leave. So there’s not much else to talk about when describing the vid unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint of in-depth descriptions). But if pissing and JAV are your thing then you’ll like this all the same.

The only real downside (for me) is nothing else happens, cause are some cute girls in this. But I don’t know ANY of their names this time. HOWEVER, did I mention it’s 1080P? I’m sure people who like hi-def porn will like that. lol


[TURA-248] Custodian Of The Estate Is In Trouble. His Wife No Good To Pee In Such A Place 48 People

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

[TURA248] 団地の管理人は困っています。奥さん、そんなところでオシッコしちゃだめですよ48名