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[AUKG-180] Violated By Her Best Friend In the Basement

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[AUKG180] 地下にベストフレンドを犯されて利用

First scene:
The movie starts with the two girls  talking to each other on the couch and drinking coffee.
After some coffee they start to kiss each passionately and the smaller-boobed one starts to play with the big ones, while sucking the nipples and massaging them, while playing with the other woman’s pussy which was an enjoyment to both.
After some lesbian play, Anri was ready for a pussy licking and since she didn’t want to owe her friend anything, they did some math test. The answer to the most math tests in these ”terms” is always 69. The deal was if everything goes well, they will trib each other which gave them what they really want, right from the start. The first scene ended with them kissing each other.

Second scene:
The scene starts with the two girls wearing lovely pink shirts+dresses kiss each other and desperately wanting to have some more. Both of them, want some soft, wet pussy, because they are hungry and I do mean hungry. I believe Ayaka is on a diet, where you can eat pussy and Anri’s boobs, so she starts with the boobs by licking them, the nipples. Of course, Anri did just the same.
To burn all the calories they put in each other’s body, Ayaka start to lick Anri’s wet pussy. But this time she teases Anri by licking her lovely teal underpants. Of course the pussy was wet by the end, because no woman can resist her pussy to be licked – so the pants ”had been taken off”

Third scene:
This time, Anri is tied, with her eyes covered. Trying to free herself and to legitimately enjoy what’s about to happen. Anri had a vibrator, that was smartly placed between her pussy and her pink underpants, so the enjoyment was even bigger, greater.
Ayaka knew that their play will be over soon if she didn’t stop at the right moment, so she freed Anri, just to kiss her, play with her boobs, just before she final play.
You need to make a pussy wet for it to be fucked, everyone knows that. So does Ayaka. So she licked, ate Anri’s pussy and she did enjoy it, a lot. Boobs were eaten and licked also.
And then, strapon time. Ayaka put a strapon on her pussy and Anri starts to lick it, lick it hard.
First of all, Anri got her ass rimmed, Ayaka did a great job and the she started to fuck Anri in a standing doggy style.
After some action, finally Ayaka got her pussy licked and eaten, after a long long time, she got what she deserves/deserved.
The scene ends with the two girls tribbing and kissing at the very end.

Sex acts:
strap-on, kissing, tits sucking, nipple sucking, pussy to mouth, pussy rubbing, 69, tribbing, nipple licking, while suspended, pussy to pussy, pussy,masturbation, doggy, standing doggy, strap-on doggy, strap-on blowjob, female rimming female, rimming, tribbing


[AUKG-036] Mana Izumi, Kokona – Black Fish!! Schoolgirl Prostitute

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Two schoolgals (gyarus) permit men to have sex with them as they use their phone, smoke and generally appear inattentive.

Sex acts:
handjob, blowjob, testicle sucking, fingering, cunnilingus, missionary, standing doggy, cum on breasts, onahole fucking, handjob to completion


[AUKB-090] Lesch ○ Potomonism BEST 4 Hours ~ Medium Iki Cum Healthy Mature Woman ~

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

[AUKB090]  レズち○ぽ調教BEST4時間 ~中イキ絶頂 良感 熟女~


[AUKG-432] Sweaty Wet Licking Lesbians

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

[AUKG432]  汗だく濡れ舐めレズビアン


[AUKG-431] Lesbians And Return Cousin – Former Married Woman In Batuichi Will Have A Ripe Body ~ Yukin Sakuragi Sound Kozo Matsuoka

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

[AUKG431]  レズビアンと出戻りの従姉 ~バツイチの元人妻は熟れた身体を持て余す~ 桜木優希音 松岡香純


AUKG-223 I Get Some Lesbian Sex Unexpectedly From My Sister-in-Law… What Happens In Our House, My Sister’s Secret Sexual relations. HIKARI. Aya Kisaki

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

[AUKG223] 兄嫁にレズられて…。一軒家で繰り広げられる義姉妹の秘密の肉体関係 HIKARI 希咲あや
Hikari ist staying with her brother and his wife. At night she hears them fucking and can’t resist masturbating while listening at their bedroom door. After cumming she goes back to her room but leaves her panties which her sister-in-law Aya finds. Aya confronts Hikari and fucks her, leading to Aya constantly playing with Hikari’s pussy even if her husband is right next to them.

1st scene:

Hikari masturbating.
2nd scene:

In Hikari’s bedroom. Involves face sitting, cunnilingus.
3rd scene:

In the kitchen. Involves pussy rubbing, cunnilingus
4th scene:

In the living room next to the sleeping husband. Involves pussy rubbing, fingering.
5th scene:

With the husband sleeping downstairs they move into the bedroom. Involves cunnilingus, pussy rubbing, scissoring.


[AUKS-007] Steamy Lesbians 2

Friday, July 13th, 2018

[AUKS007] スチームレズビアンズ2


[LB-01] Les Berry vol. 1

Friday, July 13th, 2018

[LB01] レ・ベリーvol。 1


[LE-011] LesbianLife (11)

Friday, July 13th, 2018

[LE011]  レズビアンライフ(11)


[LE-03D] Lesbian Life 3

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

[LE03D] レズビアンライフ3