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Dont Tell My Mom – Rina Ellis HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Charles Dera catches his slutty teen daughter Rina Ellis sneaking in late. Randy partygirl Rina comes on to her dad, but somehow Charles resists her in her tiny black miniskirt and heels. Charles climbs into bed with Rina’s mother, only to have naughty Rina crawl over to his side of the bed and give him a dirty blowjob. What a nasty girl! Then Nina pulls her red lace panties aside and rides Charles’ dick right in the bed. Nina takes out her pierced nipples and Charles gives her tight teen pussy a hard doggystyle fucking, hoping she doesn’t’ make too much noise. But Rina gets into it, demanding Charles fuck her hard. What’s a married man to do? The cheating continues until Rina’s eyes roll back and she’s screaming and moaning and panting in the bed. Charles gives Rina a big cumload on her tongue, but will Rina’s mother catch this pair of kinky troublemakers?

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Widow Mother HD Uncensored

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Widow Mother HD.mp4

Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD Uncensored

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD.part1.rar

Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD.part2.rar

Daddy, I’ve Never Squirted Before! 2 (2017) 1080p

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Scene 1. Saya Song, Toni Ribas
Scene 2. Cleo Vixen, Toni Ribas
Scene 3. Kenzie Reeves, Toni Ribas
Scene 4. Katya Rodriguez, Toni Ribas

Latin lothario Toni Ribas combines two favorite fetishes, female ejaculation and taboo relations, in the gushing gonzo kink of Daddy, I’ve Never Squirted Before! #2. When all-natural, fiercely sexual young ladies seek the special attention of a father figure, director/performer Toni’s skillful fingers and experienced erection make them erupt in wet, orgasmic geysers of girl juice. Saya Song wants to learn to squirt, so the tattooed Asian minx gives Toni a POV-style blow job; Toni delivers a relentless fucking and then splatters her pretty face with his spermy load. Darling blonde Cleo Vixen takes a ride on the pornographer’s pro prick. After an intense session of pussy plowing and gash gushers, it’s Toni’s turn: He cums in her mouth. Kenzie Reeves is eager to please her “daddy.” Toni fucks her tight pussy as sticky girl-cream drips over his meat, and he makes her explode in several wild, wet spasms. Cute, brace-faced Latina Katya Rodriguez enjoys cocksucking and passionate fucking with lots of squirting action. Daddy decorates Katya’s face with hot spunk.

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Alison Rey & Karlee Grey – Daddy’s Girls HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017


A teenage girl (Alison Rey) becomes suspicious of her ‘perfect’ father (Ryan McLane) after he randomly adopts another young woman (Karlee Grey) and brings her to live with their family. Even though dad is boasting about how charitable this makes them, the daughter is convinced he is really using the adoption as a ruse to cheat on her mom. She becomes obsessed with the notion of ‘catching them’ until the adopted sister causes her to confront the REAL issue she is dealing with … her own inappropriate feelings for Dad.

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Loosening The Latch – Veronica Vega and Katya Rodriguez HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Veronica Vega and Katya Rodriguez are not too thrilled about their braces. How are they going to be able to kiss boys? Instead of waiting to find out they decided it would be best to practice on each other first, just in case anything bad happened. Sure enough just as their lips locked, so did their metal brackets! These girls got their braces stuck together. They started thinking they were stuck forever, until their pervy brother showed up and agreed to help them get unstuck. He used his cock to wedge the gap and sure enough they were free! The girls then decided to show how thankful they were by continuing to suck his cock down with their mouths full of metal. They even let him fuck them which made bro feel like a hero, but he still felt like they over compensated. He made everything even by polishing both their braces with some extra sticky jizm. The girls couldn’t have been happier!

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APAK-152 / Aya Miyazaki / Aphrodisiac Sex for High School Girl

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

[APAK152] この娘、犯してやる…。彼女の罪、それは男を狂わせる、卑猥な肉感ボディ… 宮崎あや
This is an Aurora-Pro (AP) production featuring JAV actress Aya Miyazaki. In this movie, Miyazaki plays a young student experimenting with aphrodisiacs. She ends up fucking a small group of actors for a bit over two hours.

Scene One (0:23 ~ 24:22)

Miyazaki returns home from school. She walks in her bedroom and undresses, keeping only her white panties and a sleeveless orange T-shirt. Around the 4:30 mark she starts to tease her clit with her fingers. She later removes her panties and uses a vibrator until she climaxes. Around the 15-minute mark she moves to her desk and starts fucking herself with a dildo while teasing her clit with the vibrator until she comes yet again. We then see her later working at her laptop and calling someone on her cellular.

Scene Two (24:23 ~ 56:44)

Miyazaki is on the front seat of a car. She’s wearing her school uniform, chatting with the driver. About five minutes later we see her entering an apartment with the driver. He gives her an aphrodisiac and within a minute she has a strong reaction. From that point on, the guy starts kissing her, teasing her body until he moves her to a bed, where she soon finds herself half naked. One thing leading to another, the guy starts fucking her, assuming various positions, until they both come. She then falls asleep.

Scene Three (56:45 ~ 1:25:30)

Miyazaki is sleeping on a bed. A second actor walks in the room and starts teasing her. She wakes up and tries to flee, but both guys quickly start abusing her on the sofa. They fasten small vibrators on her nipples. She is then fucked with a dildo, which is eventually fastened to her cunt as the guys tease her body with large vibrators. The two guys then take turns deepthroating her. She is left with the dildo pulsing in her cunt until the scene fades out.

Scene Four (1:25:31 ~ 2:07:22)

Miyazaki is sleeping on the bed. She’s naked. Several guys start teasing her breasts as someone empties the bottle of pills in her mouth. Five guys abuse her for the rest of the scene, deepthroating and fucking her until they all come on her face.

Epilogue (2:07:23 ~ 2:08:33)

Miyazaki is seen on her way out of the apartment. Before she leaves, she takes a bottle of aphrodisiacs from the top of a bookshelf. Credits appear superimposed. Miyazaki greets her viewers.

The movie ends at 2:08:47.


KingNoire – King and The Cuckold Couple HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

When you can’t satisfy your wife get someone who can. That is where I come in, to open her up and touch places in her pussy that her cum eating husband could only dream of reaching. Watch Ivy Brooks gag on my fat dick and spread her tight hole as she takes my dick deep

BBC Asian Cuckolding Hot Wives Cum Eating Instruction

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Honey Gold & Charles Dera – Tasting The Chef HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

When celebrity chef Charles pays a visit to Honey’s husband’s restaurant, she gives him the ultimate VIP treatment while her husband serves him sample dishes and stresses out about his second-rate culinary creations. Will Honey’s hands-on approach help save their business from Chef Charles’s famously harsh critiques?

Anal Fingering ~ 01:33
Ballerina ~ 01:41
Blowjob ~ 06:18
Blowjob (POV) ~ 01:47
Cowgirl ~ 03:32
Deep Throat ~ 00:27
Doggystyle (Standing) ~ 04:03
Face Fuck ~ 00:30
Face Sitting ~ 02:37
Gagging ~ 00:36
Hair Pulling ~ 00:15
Handjob ~ 01:04
Handjob (POV) ~ 00:22
Missionary ~ 03:12
Pussy Fingering ~ 00:57
Pussy Licking ~ 01:50
Reverse Cowgirl ~ 03:35
Sex ~ 28:41
Side Fuck ~ 02:20
Slow Mo ~ 00:39
Spanking ~ 00:27
Squirt ~ 00:19
Stand And Carry ~ 00:21
Swallow ~ 00:05

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WIFE CLUB 6973 HD Uncensored

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

WIFE CLUB 6973.mp4