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[SDMU-638] My Little Sister’s Smell Momo (My Little Sister, A Schoolgirl) A Video Record Of A Big Brother Getting Hooked On His Little Sister’s Tiny Pussy (2017-07-06) [1080p]

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Release Date: July 06, 2017
Runtime: 100min.(HD: 100min.)
Director: Kei Morikawa
Studio: SOD Create
Label: SOD Create
Content ID: 1sdmu00638
Actress(es): Ichinose Momo

Actress: Ichinose Momo. A Video Record Of A Big Brother Getting Hooked On His Little Sister’s Tiny Pussy. One amateur submission video that arrived at SOD. “Sister” of a female school student who relentlessly tempts her older brother who came home to her parents’ home. Relative love relationship secret to mothers and friends. My younger sister who depends extraordinarily on his older brother continues to seek “adult acts” for his brother. While feeling guilt and sense of vindication, what on earth was she seeking? A series of violent family-wide eros. Young slutty schoolgirl loves kinky sex. First she sucks his cock and he licks her pussy. Then he Fucks her in Hardcore poses missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, reverse.cowgirl,, and finally at the end he cums on her creampie!

Scene (Included sex act): Teen, Blowjob, doggystyle, missionary, asian, cowgirl, creampie, reverse.cowgirl, Blowjob, Censored, Cowgirl, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Handjob, Incest, Older Sister, Schoolgirl, Shaved Pussy, Uniform, Hardcore Incest, planning, Sailor suit, School Girls, Shaved, Sister, Slut, User Submission

Resolution: 1080p
Format: MP4


[ASW-211] Arisa Hanyu – Cum Swallowing Desire! 16 Starting Today, I Will Become A Woman Who Can No Longer Live Without Cum

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Sex acts:
Breast fondling, cunnilingus, nipple sucking, fingering, cum in mouth, cum spitting, handjob, cum swallowing, cowgirl, doggy style, blowjob, 69, blowbang

A six scene video featuring Hanyuu Arisa with a huge emphasis on cum swallowing.


SDSI-061 ~ Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Documentary On The Medical Treatment!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[SDSI061]  ED治療 医療コンシェルジュ 瀧本梨絵(仮) ドキュメント作品 医療の限界と壁を超える挑戦

Description: Documentary in filming, “Erectile Dysfunction Treatment” with Rie Takimoto as concierge. A documentary treating it with medical treatment as in blowjob, one lucky dude with fingering the pussy and cowgirl, mostly handjob till cumshot induce and one blowjob after cumshot. Mostly talking in the facility and sex happening on the medical bench while being filmed for documentary with some crying in the middle of shooting…
Sex acts: fingering massage blowjob.after.cumshot nipple.licking cowgirl


IPZ-952 Erotic Lady Nurse Likes Mouth Ejaculation Enchanted Whisper Is A Small Devil Superb Squirrel That Misleads Guy! Yume Nishinomiya

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[IPZ952] エロ痴女ナースは口内射精がお好き 魅惑のささやきは男を惑わす小悪魔極上ナース! 西宮ゆめ

Movie begins with a sexy nurse in twintails on duty at a nurse station with various patients roaming around. Flashes forward to later that night. The nurse begins to seduce a male patient. Another patient walks in on the action and turns into a threesome. The camera is from the point of view of another male patient. Later, we see the same male patient again, fantasising about the nurse from last night, bringing out a lewd magazine of the nurse (Nishimiya Yume) and begins to fap. Nurse walks in and does lewd and slutty stuff, like sniff the used tissues. Lots of cowgirl and slutty nurse action. More blowjobs and facesitting, ends with missionary and blowjob/swallow finish.

Second scene sees the nurse station again, attended by the the nurse and a male practitioner. Nurse gropes the male throughout, and mounts him, follow by kissing, blowjob, breast groping, fingering, cunnilingus, doggy style and lots of cowgirl riding action. Finish with blowjob and swallow.

Third scene is a threesome between the nurse and 2 other male patients. Lots of kissing and groping again. Double blowjob/handjob/sucking/fingering and mix and combinations and variations thereof. Similarly, ends with blowjob and swallow x2


Slutty Magic – Alex Coal Drains Superman HD

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Evil Alex Coal got a hold of some kryptonite lipstick. She lured Superman to her evil penthouse (Thanks Jason Ellis for letting us shoot in your Penthouse!) where she seduces the man of steel into kissing her.

Superman gets all fucked up from her lipstick and finds himself weakened and also very horny. Alex Coal regularly laces her lips with a serum that makes normal men uncontrollably horny. The effects are now working on Superman because of the kryptonite.

Alex Coal wants to completely drain his balls and use his super sperm all kinds of evil . She even put his balls in a steel crusher so she can tighten the screws and crush his nuts while she drains them.

Superman begs for mercy while uncontrollably groping her. Alex Coal laughs as he submits to his inner conflict and simply begs her to stop making him cum over and over.

After making him cum multiple times with a cock sucking machine, she milks his super sensitive cock with a final hand job and makes him eat the last of his cum. She has to keep him alive for future drainings. From now on, he’ll have to live on a diet of cum.

Acts performed: cosplay, man following orders, face sitting, cowgirl, poisoning, forced orgasm, ruined orgasm, cock milking, cock pumping, jerking, forced cum eating

Teen, Small Tits, Latina, Asian, Uncensored Asian, Parody, Female Domination, Only Handjob, Cum on Hands, Blackmail, Latex, Bisexual

[SDMU-665] Participated In SOD Female Employee

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[SDMU665] 入社1ヶ月の新卒同期男女が2人っきりの密室で初めての性交健診 10組収録 SOD女子社員 OL SDMU

This one is hidden camera themed JAV. They are fucking in missionary, cowgirl, doggy positions.
Video includes nipple licking, blowjob, 69, cum in tits, pussy fingering and clothed sex actions. enjoy

Cast: Natsumi Niko, Ichihara Yume


MIAE-066 Aimed At The Day Of Ovulation Out Seed Squeezed Press In A Forced Commit The Man School Girls Sakaegawa Noa

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[MIAE066]  排卵日を狙って男を犯す種搾りプレス強制中出し女子校生 栄川乃亜

Man picks up Noa on the streets, who claims to have a stomach ache.
Noa confesses to like the kind-hearted man, and begins to kiss him against his will.
Turns into reverse rape, starting licking/blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, female-on-top piledriver (or something, I don’t know the name…) ends with a creampie.

Scene 2, Noa rings up the house intercom. Apologies for the other day and begins to cry. The man forgives her, and in return, she gives him some handmade cookies. Handmade cookies with love. Love and drugs. Man wakes up with panties on his face/POV cam, and begins to get a blowjob against his will, with his limbs wrapped in clingfilm; followed by cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and creampie.

Scene 3, man gets caught masturbating to this blowjob vid on his laptop. Gets caught by Noa peeking through the sliding glass door. Gets sucked off. Cums in her mouth, she then attempts to “increase chance of pregnancy” with it (I don’t know what this is called either. pls help).

Scene 4, Noa is seen dozing off looking at her timetable. Fantasising when she can rape the man again. Begins to touch herself on the chair. A dildo magically appears on the chair in the middle of the room, where she proceeds to masturbate in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl position until a man comes in and ejaculates on her vulva.
She wakes up and “it was all a dream” ending.

Scene 5
Man gets captured with scooby-doo style net from above. Gets thrown into some atmospheric dark room with grey/black wallpaper and yellowish lights. Noa is dressed in her school uniform again with curled twintails. Forces onto the map with some facesitting, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, that female-on-top pile driver thing again, and finishes with creampie.


BLK-311 Fast Cowgirl Is Dangerous Seriously Not Remove Ji ○ Port To Get Tired In The Pies Anymore!Small Devil GAL School Girls Mari Nashinatsu

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[BLK311] もう中出ししたのに飽きるまでチ○ポ抜かない高速騎乗位がマジやばい!小悪魔GAL女子校生 麻里梨夏


Working Married Woman Fucks Her Boss HD Uncensored

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Working Married Woman Fucks Her Boss HD.mp4

Hardcore ANAL Housewife HD Uncensored

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Hardcore ANAL Housewife HD.mp4