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[WKD-019] O ・ ・ ・ ・ Na Zakari Sakura

Monday, August 5th, 2019

[WKD019]   オ・ン・ナ♀ざかり 桜アン


[WZEN-025] Woman With SEX Addiction

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

[WZEN025] SEX依存症の女


[WPOM-001] “If It’s No Good Anymore!”A Pride Woman Who Is Resistant To Disturbance That Pride Disturbs

Thursday, August 1st, 2019



[ECB-118] Amateur M Man In An Interview. After This, She Is Filthy By An Actress. Yamai Tin

Monday, July 29th, 2019

[ECB118] 素人M男、面接中。このあと、女優に痴女られます。 山井すず


[EKW-050] I Want To Get Rid Of This Guy Today. Sumire Kurokawa

Monday, July 29th, 2019

[EKW050]  今日はこいつにヌカれたい。 黒川すみれ


[ECB-119] Men’s Esthetics Dedicated To “healthy Store”, Tickney Bastards Not Unhealthy Unreasonable Theory Mihara Honoka

Monday, July 29th, 2019

[ECB119]  わざわざ「健全店」を謳っているメンズエステ


[720p/HD/60FPS] WSS-201 / Minami Ayase / 180 Minutes Insertion Time

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

This movie is produced by WAAP for their So label—So WAAP. The series from which this title is taken claims all the actresses undergo a total oral and/or vaginal insertion time of 180 minutes: dildos, small vibrators, fingers, dicks, tongues, anything goes so long as the girl has something in her mouth and/or cunt. This installment features a very slutty Minami Ayase who spends the better part of the movie with a remote-controlled vibrator in her cunt.

Interview (0:08 ~ 3:36)

Ayase is sitting on the back seat of a minivan stopped next to a public park. She’s wearing a red winter coat with faux fur lining. The coat is a size too small and won’t fit her generous bosom. She comments on this for a while, answers interview questions for a few minutes and then steps out of the van.

Scene One (3:37 ~ 28:01)

Ayase is sitting on a park bench next to an actor. They engage in small talk for a few moments. Ayase can’t repress her nervous laughter. The couple eventually walk into a large public lavatory. The actor quickly unbuttons her coat and pulls up her dress, revealing black panties. The guy sticks his hand in her panties and starts rubbing her clit. Attention moves to her tits for a while, then her ass. He inserts his fingers in her cunt, followed by a dildo. She then kneels to fellate him and he later fucks her, assuming various positions. He eventually comes in her mouth and Ayase swallows the cum. The guy then inserts a small remote-controlled vibrator in her cunt. A small on screen sign pops up each time the vibrator is ON. Ayase will wear the vibrator for the rest of the park scene as well as the next. Scene One ends with the movie’s generic.

Scene Two (28:02 ~ 44:58)

Ayase is back in the minivan, which is now en route to the next location. The vibrator is still in her cunt. The same actor is sitting next to her. He plays with the vibrator for a while, eventually replacing it first with a larger dildo, and then with his fingers. The dildo-and-finger fucking goes on for a while, and as they reach their destination the portable vibrator is shoved back into her cunt. The couple are then seen climbing stairs and landing on the roof of a building for some sightseeing and foreplay. Ayase is fucked with dildos and she sucks the guy’s cock before reinserting the remote-controlled vibrator in her cunt at the end of the scene.

Lunch Break (44:59 ~ 47:32)

The couple enjoy lunch at a restaurant. The vibrator is turned on and has visible effects on Ayase, who all the while attempts to eat her lunch normally. We then see her back in the minivan, on her way to the next location.

Scene Three (47:33 ~ 1:12:46)

Ayase is in a hotel, on her way to her room. She walks in the room, checks out the view, and chats with the cameraman. A naked actor comes at her from behind and starts rubbing the vibrator, which she’s still wearing under her panties. The couple then fuck, moving around the room, assuming various positions. The scene ends with Ayase lying in bed, fucking herself with a dildo.

Scene Four (1:12:47 ~ 1:43:12)

Ayase is lying on her back in a sofa chair with a dildo ramming her cunt. She’s wearing a blindfold and purple lingerie. Her hair is tied behind her head. Three guys approach her and start teasing her body. Eventually the dildo is replaced by four fingers. She later kneels to suck and deepthroat the three guys. They later take turns fucking her for the next half hour, until they come in her mouth and on her face. The scene ends with Ayase lying on the floor with a vibrator rubbing her clit.

Scene Five (1:43:13 ~ 1:59:01)

Ayase is sitting on a sofa chair. She’s wearing pink G-string underwear. There’s a dildo in her cunt and a guy standing behind her, teasing her ears and breasts. The breast- and cunt-teasing goes on for a while, until three small vibrators are inserted in her cunt. Ayase then crawls on her hands and knees, fellating three guys until they come on her face. She finally ends up on the floor with a dildo rammed up her cunt.

Credits are superimposed at first, followed by the standard WAAP credits. The movie ends at 1:59:12.


[CWM-259] Ren Hinami – The Smiling Oral Cum Bucket

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

JAV about deepthroating. Starts out with an interview where Ren plays with a dildo and a guy puts his fingers in her mouth. Then he starts fucking her mouth and making her drool everywhere. They put her into a pillory, make her deepthroat some more and tease her pussy with a vibrator. He cums down her throat. In the next scene, she’s dressed like a maid and a guy forces dildos in her mouth. In the following scene Ren has red tape around her so she can’t move her arms and she has to do another rough blowjob ending with cum in her mouth and a swallow. In the final scene, she’s dressed like a schoolgirl and fucked by three guys in her pussy in missionary, cowgirl, doggy style postitions and she’s forced to deepthroat the guys who cum in her mouth and she swallows.



[WSP-117] Beauty and field juice I want to get dirty just because beauty!

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

This is an 4 hour compilation movie of Warp studio’s Dream Shower series. This contains some of their best bukkake scenes from their previous movies. The focus of this compilation is primarily bukkake on various Asian women. The scenes contain different themes and settings, featuring ladies engaging in the usual foreplay, oral sex and intercourse with one or more men which leads to bukkake facial endings. Most of the scenes involve women with rather large tits having sex doggy style while multiple men take turns ejaculating on her face. Then she is flipped on her back and has missionary sex while a group of guys continue to take turns ejaculating on her face. Some scenes also includes cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while many men ejaculate on the girls face. There is also sweaty sex, latex sex, threesomes, fetishes, role play, outfits, public sex, outdoor sex, gang-bangs. And the list just goes on and on and on….

Here’s a list of some of the actresses that appear:
Wakaba Onoe Waka Morisawa (Iioka Kanako) Haruka Sato Ikari Hanahana Hina Shiori Yuna Shiina Ryo Arimori (Michihara Miyu) Kitagawa Hitomi Aisaki Reira (Chihiro Hara)


[WSP-168] Just Put On A Bit Of Manko, Let’s Make A Butt Hole, And Let’s Have An “Ass On A Butt”

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

[WSP168] ちょろっとマ●コを弄っただけでケツ穴ぱくぱくピクつかせて「お尻にも頂戴◆」