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CWM-141 / Kana Mizuki / Bukkake at a Tokyo Trading Company

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

[CWM-141] Mizuki Sai – 23 Year Old Woman Work in Trading Company

This is a mock documentary from Club Waap’s Washing Machine sub-series featuring 23-year-old Kana Mizuki—a young girl with a cum-related fixation. Mizuki works as a secretary for a Tokyo trading company. One day she decides to indulge her semen obsession and goes for an interview with a documentary filmmaker. She and the filmmaker agree to shoot a bukkake movie at her workplace—but first, the director insists, Mizuki must take part in a bukkake scene that he sets up for her. She passes the test, and the rest of the movie is shot at her workplace.

Scene One (0:01 ~ 8:26)

This is the initial interview at the production company. Mizuki and the prospective director discuss the project. She is shown covers of a few bukkake movies so she can visualize what the project would involve. They eventually agree to a practice/test session to be held later.

Scene Two (8:27 ~ 33:04)

Mizuki shows up for the test session. She has no idea there are more than 25 guys waiting for her in the next room. She opens the door and cries out in shock. She doesn’t really want to do it anymore, but it’s too late. She sits on a sofa and two guys start teasing her breasts. Soon several guys are all over her and within a few minutes there’s a large vibrator rubbing her cunt through her panties. She then takes off her clothes and the vibrator is now applied directly onto her cunt. Several guys eventually stand around her and she fellates them one after the other until they come in her mouth. The rest of the guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth and on her face. After a short black out, we see Mizuki sitting on the sofa in a white bathrobe drying her hair with a towel, answering questions for the director. They will go forward with the office shoot.

Scene Three (33:05 ~ 40:20)

The scene starts at 7am in front of Mizuki’s apartment building. We follow her on her way to work—on the street, at the metro station, on the subway train, and eventually at her workplace. Mizuki is summoned to a small meeting area adjacent to the office for a meeting with the director. She finally shows up and he tells her they must find locations for each scene. Once that is determined, the bukkake scenes can start.

Scene Four (40:21 ~ 56:29)

Mizuki is surrounded by employee lockers. A guy shows up and starts to tease her body. He lifts her skirt and starts teasing her pussy by rubbing a vibrator over her pantyhose. He then sticks his cock in her mouth as she kneels in front of him. She fellates the guy as several more take turns ejaculating on her face. At the end of the scene her face is covered with cum.

Scene Five (56:30 ~ 1:18:25)

The camera moves into the main room where Mizuki is busy attending male employees at their respective desks. She spots the cameraman from a distance and quickly walks out of the room with him. The director tells her he wants to shoot a scene in the lavatory. An actor shows up and walks away with Mizuki. After a short black out we see the couple in the lavatory. The guy starts teasing her breasts. Eventually he has three fingers up her cunt. Later the guy takes his clothes off and she kneels to fellate him. He then starts fucking her from behind when a second guy walks in the lavatory, immediately sticking his cock in her mouth. She sucks him until he comes on her face. Meanwhile the fucking is carried out on the sink, and, later, on the floor, where Mizuki lays on her hands and knees. Several guys take turns ejaculating on her face. The scene ends with Mizuki lying on her back, her face covered with cum.

Scene Six (1:18:26 ~ 1:35:35)

The scene starts out in a café where an AV actor is given instructions by the director. A few minutes later we see the actor walking in Mizuki’s firm’s main office. He’s taken to a conference room and an employee brings him tea. Mizuki eventually walks into the room. She’s wearing a black suit. They chat briefly and the actor asks her to pull up her skirt, revealing black stockings. The actor brushes her panties over to the side and sticks his tongue in her cunt. They later kiss for a few moments and the actor then opens the blinds so they can see all the employees at work in the rest of the office (and vice versa). Mizuki then kneels and fellates him until he comes in her mouth. Then several guys take turns ejaculating on her face.

Scene Seven (1:35:36 ~ 2:00:22)

The AV actor appears once again. He walks into the office after hours. Mizuki is still at her desk, evidently working overtime. She’s alone in the office, listening to her iPod. The actor starts teasing her body, eventually tying her hands behind her back with black leather restraints. He then bares her breasts and puts a red gag in her mouth. He bends her over the desk and starts teasing her ass and cunt with a large vibrator until she pees on the floor. The actor then strips and takes off Mizuki’s mouth gag. She eventually starts licking his ass. The actor then fucks her assuming several positions. While Mizuki is on her back, several guys take turns ejaculating on her face. The scene ends shortly after a close-up of Mizuki’s cum covered face.

The movie ends without credits at 2:00:22.


CEN-026 / Ichika Kuroki / Deepthroating Secretary

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

This was issued by Club Waap’s Encore series a few years back. It features Ichika Kuroki playing an abused secretary. The focus here is her throat, as opposed to her ass—lest the front cover deceive you. She deepthroats everyone around her in this movie, with one or two glimpses at her generous behind for good measure. The original title is ‘Irrumatio for Ladys Secretary’, which I’ve abbreviated.

Introduction (0:14 ~ 8:47)

The movie begins with a shot of amateur footage coming from a tablet showing Kuroki fellating a guy. The main camera pans left and we see the actual Kuroki lying on a bed fully clothed. Her panties are pulled down above her knees. There’s a red gag in her mouth, restraints on her ankles and wrists, and a vibrator stuffed in her cunt. A guy removes the gag and she’s taken away. We then see her on a street with a man, presumably her superior, in the business district. They meet another guy and exchange name cards. Kuriki is wearing a business suit—short black skirt, jacket, black stockings and high heel shoes. Around the 6-minute mark she walks into an office. She’s on the phone, following instructions from the caller. She pulls down her stockings and panties and starts rubbing her clit until she comes, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Slave Secretary One (8:48 ~ 57:31)

Kuroki is in a bathroom. A man teases her tong for a few moments and she then pees. She later enters an office, where three men are waiting for her. One of the guys holds a portable cam, watching footage of her deepthroating a man. She appears a bit embarrassed. She’ll have to be disciplined for her wrongdoing, her superior concludes. She eventually pulls up her skirt and flashes her ass. The three guys then start abusing her body, using their hands, fingers, tongues, vibrators, dildos and cocks. The guys take turns fucking and deepthroating her for the next half hour. They come in her mouth and she swallows the cum. Towards the end of the scene, she is given a red dog collar.

Slave Secretary Two (57:32 ~ 1:12:48)

Kuroki is sitting on the floor in front of an office desk. She’s wearing her black suit, with the red dog collar. A guy comes in and pulls her face on his crutch. He takes off his jacket and pants, pushes her on her back and starts deepthroating her. He eventually comes in her mouth and she swallows the cum, still lying on her back.

Slave Secretary Three (1:12:49 ~ 1:32:13)

Kuroki is in her superior’s office. She’s on her knees, deepthroating a guy while two more are watching. The scene changes abruptly, and we find ourselves in a dimly lit office where four guys are waiting on leather sofas. Kuroki appears, crawling on her hands and knees at the end of a leash. She’s wearing a white blouse and short black leather skirt. She deepthroats the four guys one at a time, swallowing the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. Later, her pantyhose is torn open, exposing her large ass. A guy spanks her for a few moments and then sticks a dildo in her cunt while she’s standing. A guy climbs on two chairs and starts deepthroating her. He comes in her mouth and she swallows the cum.

Slave Secretary Four (1:32:14 ~ 1:59:23)

Kuroki is wearing a white shirt and short black leather skirt with blue fishnet stockings and black leather boots. She wears a red dog collar and a guy is pulling her leash. She climbs on a set of tables and starts crawling around on her hands and knees, exposing her ass for the five guys standing around her. She then laps milk from a bowl for a while, until the deepthroating action begins. Kuroki kneels on the table while guys take turns shoving their cocks down her throat. They later again take turns fucking her from behind while the deepthroating continues. Towards the end of the scene, guys come in her mouth one at a time and Kuriko swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera.

The movie ends at 1:59:29 with Club Waap credits.


[WDI-064] Dorisha’! ! Riona Hashiguchi

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[WDI064]  ドリシャッ!! 橋口りおな


[EKW-024] When I Appealed To Say Raw Killed Anan In A Sound Shop … Miori Matsushita

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[EKW024]  健全店で生殺されてアンアン言ってアピールしてたら. 松下美織


[CWM-254] You, I And Filthy Kiss Kokorohana Yura

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[CWM254] きみ、やらしいキスするね 心花ゆら


[WWF-003] Chin Shabu Slug Princess Yuki Sakuragi Sound

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[WWF003] ちんシャブなめくじお嬢様 桜木優希音


[WWK-018] Chijoteku Of Kitagawa Erika To Yorokoba The Man Plenty Of Fellatio

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[WWK018] たっぷりのフェラチオで男を悦ばせる北川エリカのチジョテク


[WSS-281] Tied In Front Of The Mirror … Ogawa Momohate

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[WSS281] 鏡の前で縛られて. 小川桃果


[WZEN-001] Based On Weather Older Sister, AV Debut At The Masochist Pig Volunteers! !

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

[WZEN001] 【DMM限定】元お天気お姉さん、マゾ豚志願でAVデビュー!! パンティと生写真付き


[EKAI-011] Wife Slave Torture Club Nao Wakana

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

[EKAI011]【DMM限定】人妻奴隷調教クラブ 若菜奈央 パンティとチェキ付き