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[720p/HD/60FPS] CWM-250 / Mio Shinozaki / Smiling Mouth Toilet Bowl

Friday, September 15th, 2017

This is a Washing Machine series focusing on gokkun and deepthroating. Note that there is NO piss drinking involved. This title features relative newcomer Mio Shinozaki engaging in non-stop deepthroating for the entire duration of the movie. Shinozaki also likes to swallow cum.

Interview (0:01 ~ 4:26)

Shinozaki is in a park, answering interview questions. She’s wearing a gray dress with white accents. Towards the end of the interview she’s given a pink dildo with instructions to put it in her mouth. This is quickly followed by the title of the movie

Nicomatio 01 (4:27 ~ 26:30)

Shinozaki is sitting on a red leather sofa. She’s wearing the same gray dress seen earlier. A male actor wearing black briefs sits next to her and starts teasing her mouth and throat with his fingers. He then pulls his cock out and rams it down her throat. Eventually Shinozaki finds herself kneeling on the floor, half naked, the guy’s dick ramming her throat as he assumes various positions. He comes in her mouth about twenty minutes in. Shinozaki swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. She then answers a few questions.

Nicomatio 02 (26:31 ~ 39:44)

Shinozaki is dragged to a restraining device, where she is rough to lean forward, her head and wrists secured in wooden restraints. Someone standing behind her rams a dildo in her cunt—which we see for a while on split screens—while a second actor starts ramming his dick in her throat until he comes. Shinozaki swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. Another actor then starts deepthroating her while the dildo ramming her cunt has now been replaced by a large vibrator. The actor comes in her mouth and she swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Nicomatio 03 (39:45 ~ 49:07)

Shinozaki is on her knees on what appears to be cardboard flooring set outdoors. She’s fellating a guy who pulls her head, thus forcing his cock deep in her throat, using his hands at first, and then his feet. The guy chokes her a few times and eventually comes in her mouth. She swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. The guy then starts fucking her mouth once more and the scene quickly fades out.

Nicomatio 04 (49:08 ~ 1:18:19)

Shinozaki is kneeling in a dog cage. She’s wearing a schoolgirl sailor uniform. There’s a red dog collar around her neck and a leash sticking out of the cage. There are plastic forceps in her mouth. An actor starts teasing her mouth with his fingers. He eventually pulls her out of the cage and two more guys join in teasing her throat with their fingers. The three guys take turns deepthroating her, assuming various positions, until they each come in her mouth. Shinozaki swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Nicomatio 05 (1:18:20 ~ 2:04:32)

Shinozaki is sitting on a bed under a black bedsheet. A white face mask is set over her head. An actor removes the mask and the bedsheet, revealing Shinozaki wearing a blue blazer with a white shirt and navy skirt. She is quickly pulled off the bed as two more guys take turns deepthroating her while another teases her body from behind. She eventually finds herself on a sofa, where the deepthroating abuse continues, now with one of the guys fucking her. This continues for a while until each of the three guys comes in her mouth. Each time, Shinozaki swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. The scene ends with another short interview.

The last scene is followed by credits and the movie ends at 2:04:46.


[CWM-159] Inagawa Natsume Document Is Beside Her Husband’s Dirty Bukkake

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

[CWM159] 夫のそばで汚されて… ガチ妻・AV女優ぶっかけドキュメント 稲川なつめ Natsume Inagawa