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High Noon Ripper (1984) UNCUT Full HQ Version!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Directed by: Yôjirô Takita

Stars: Shirô Shimomoto, Yûko Aoki, Yutaka Ikejima

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Ar: 16:9 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Darkroom Fantasies, Mahiru no kirisakima

Description: A female got viciously r@ped and k1lled. Aya, the publisher of a popular journal, and the professional photographer Kajii hurry to the location of the murder to make some photos for the news. The picture is awful as the murderer had cut the genitals out of his woman’s body. Aya get a tip from a photograph published in the journal, that was used by the fifteen years old person. Kajii prospects Shun to be the killer and starts following him with the help of his girlfriend. A couple of days later the maniac hits again. A new victim is Makiko, with whom Aya had lesbian sex and relationship. Their investigation for finding the killer leads them to a playground in which the first slay has had place. But who may be this High Noon Slasher and why is killing innocent girls.

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CHERD-54 New Mature Virgin Hunting Kazama Yumi

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[CHERD54] 新しい成熟した女性ハンティング・バージンズ – Kazuma Yumi

Lots of cleavage, she shows the big tits, fingers herself, she gives handjob until completion to one guy, then she strokes and blows another guy, ends with oral creampie.

With the last guy: some kissing, tit sucking, she receives oral, gives blowjob, she is fucked cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, missionary, ends with creampie.


[SKKK-08] Kyoka Someya – ’50’s Mom’s Incestuous Anal Sex’

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SKKK08] 年齢五十母近親相姦アナル親戚染谷鏡花


Kyoka who is cleaning the bath … clothes are getting wet and transparent … My son who looks at that state estrus on the body of a mother who got wet through her … Once it was Kyoka I refused it but my son’s persistent caress and my mother The attachment to the butt gradually felt anal slammed and the feeling of foreign body changed to pleasure. My son took out an adult toy for anal and caressed with Kyoka’s anal and a pair of vagina caresses … Kyo Ka also dedicated a son’s erected cock to the butt’s hole while aggravating anal pleasure.

Horny son has an incestuous affair with his mother, and anal is not off the table.
Scene 1 (sofa): anal fingering, rimming, fingering, 69, cow, doggy, missionary, creampie.
Scene 2 (bathroom): hj,bj,rimming,swallow
Scene 3 (bedroom): rimming, clit rubbing, cunnilingus, anal vibe, dildo, bj, missionary, doggy, anal cowgirl, anal missionary, anal doggy, cum on ass.


JUY-633 – Married Woman Creampie, Molester Train ~The Shameful Commute Wet With Pleasure

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[JUY633] 人妻中出し痴漢電車 ~快感に濡れる羞恥通勤~ 吉瀬菜々子
Scene 1: As with any movie from the studio of Madonna things begin with an introduction. We learn that Nanake is a married woman who leads a bit of a boring life. She is a devoted wife to her husband and is also a working woman and has a good job. While she dreams of passion with her husband it seems that her life isn’t all peaches and roses. One day on the train as she is travelling to work, a man comes up behind her and begins to discreetly touch and feel her up. She is a bit shocked but is unable to do anything. The man continues to grope and molest her and pulls her skirt up and puts his hands inside her panties. He rubs her pussy and even finger fucks her to an orgasm.

Scene 2: We see that after she has been groped and molested, Nanake is at work and is pretending like nothing ever happened. She carries on with her work. We quickly cut to a scene rather abrubtly where Nanake is on the train again (dressed in another outfit) and this time the molester is again behind her and beings to touch and feel her up. He pulls her panties down and and then sticks his cock inside her and begins to fuck her in standing doggy.

Scene 3: As abrupt as the scene ends, we learn that scene 2 was a dream Nanake was having. She is flustered and can’t believe that dream she just had. She looks over at her husband to see that he is fast asleep and tries to go to bed herself. But can’t because she is left with the haunting dream. The next day Nanake is on the train again and this time the molester comes behind her for real. While the previous encounter was just her getting her ass groped and getting her pussy finger fucked, this time there is more. Not only does she get her ass groped, but the molester also begins to play with her tits and nipples. He finger fucks her and whispers into her ear (in japanese) and we get a close up shot to see that Nanake is feeling up his groin. We see them next in a public bathroom of a suposed train station and they enter into a stall. There they kiss, and feel each other up. It is unlike Nanake to do something with such a complete stranger. She gets her tits licked, her pussy fingered and eaten out. She then blows the man and they fuck in doggy style, cowgirl & standing missionary positions. The man cums inside her pussy, giving her a creampie and Nanake cleans his cock of any of his remaining seed.

Scene 4: Nanake heads off to work after the encounter but the whole thing lingers in her head. She can’t pay attention to anything else apart from her indiscretion. She returns to the scene of the crime and heads into the same bathroom stall alone. There thinking of how good she had got fucked, she begins to touch and play with herself. She masturbates at the thought of how good it was and orgasms.

Scene 5: A short scene where Nanake is heading back home from work and her molester turns up again and sits next to her. She moves away but he is persistent and goes up to her whispering in japanese which pretty much seems like hes egging her on and telling her how good the sex was and how much he knew she had enjoyed it. Nanake begins to get hot and they get off the train and head to an unknown place where they are alone. Its the stairwell of a building where they both kiss and touch and feel each other up. The man eats Nanake out and then gets her to blow him. The slut in her has awakened as she blows his dick and then takes his cum on her tongue and face.

Scene 6: A short scene where both Nanake and the man fuck in public on the train. She gets fucked in standing doggy and gets her pussy eaten out. The man continues to fuck her in standing doggy as onlooker watch and feel disgusted. (this could have very well been another dream as the scene moves to Nanake in bed). The next morning as Nanake is heading off to work, the man approaches her once again. He finger fucks her on the train as she orgasms and then they move to a private apartment. They kiss each other senuously and place with each others privates. She gives him a handjob as he rubs and fingers her pussy. She blows his cock and they 69 and soon move to fucking. Nanake rides him in cowgirl, doggy & missionary as they rather passionately fuck. Nanake takes a creampie from the man once again.

Epilogue: We see that Nanake is continuing with her life as usual, going to work and doing everything she does daily. But..that also includes her indiscretions with the molesting man from the train.


OKSN-057 Satsuki Kirioka … Mother … I Can Quit When You Are

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[OKSN-057] Do not stop that, mom 桐岡さつき – やめて…そんな事されたらお母さん… 桐岡さつき!

She gets naked, fingers herself, then scenes with her and one guy: some kissing, tit sucking, she receives oral, 69, she is fucked missionary, cowgirl, doggy, standing doggy, sideways, ends with creampie, cum on ass, facial. Later some toys in her pussy, she gives blowjob to completion, ends with cum in mouth.


[DPMI-011] Erotic Tights with Anri Okita

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[DPMI011] 梨アプリコットタイト挑発

Basically we have Anri here, fully clothed and she tries to feel a guy’s cock inside her pussy. In the first scene she has a lovely dress with flowers, and the guy is trying to deflower her hard. Each and every scene contains her giving a blowjob to a guy and him fucking her in various positions: doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. With one exception and that is a usage of a hitachi wand in the second scene.
Unfortunately, she is clothed throughout the whole movie.

Sex acts: blowjob, doggy, standing doggy, missionary, cowgirl, hitachi magic wand


[SDMT-823] – SOD Debut! Real Creampie Show

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SDMT823] 最高のカラダと繊細なココロ 観月あかね 大観衆の前で涙の真性中出しSOD DEBUT!

Basically a feature-long “casting interview”, where Akane is asked to perform on stage, in front of a male audience. A woman off-screen on a microphone asks her on regular occasions to share her feelings.
Scene 1: She masturbates on a sofa, first using her hands then a vibrator
Scene 2: One guy fondles her breasts and rubs her pussy
Scene 3: 1on1 straight sex scene. Ends with a creampie.
Scene 4: Sex with five men, four of them she picked out at random from the audience. Ends with a creampie.

Sex acts: blowjob, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, masturbation, creampie, standing doggy, spooning, fondling, standing missionary


[RBD-802] A Female Teacher Degrades Herself As A Soapland Slave 8 – Rin Sakuragi

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[RBD802]  奴隷ソープに堕とされた女教師8 桜木凛

Rin Sakuragi

This is one of three Rin Sakuragi movies by Attackers Studio that I have.


Unlike most of Rin’s movies from BBI, she is more dominated in these. lost of molestation, unwanted sex acts and basically guys forcing themselves on herIn this movie it seems Rin’s visits a bar gets drugged and then gets used as a sex slave. from getting fucked in a prison with a lone mattress to bathtubs. each scene basically opens when her waking up to an old lady telling her how to please the next guy. all scenes include Rin being molested, moving to a forced blowjob, cow girl, doggy, missionary. scenes with sex end with creampie (but you dont see) and all other are cum in mouth


Taboo Asian Granny Fucks Grandson HD

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

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[SSPD-129] Congratulation Yangtze STYLE10 Anniversary ~ Sinful Wife Of Flesh – Rin Sakuragi [1080P]

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[SSPD129] 祝ながえSTYLE10周年記念 ATTACKERSコラボ作品 妻がまわされた。〜罪深き若妻の肉体〜 桜木凛

Rin Sakuragi

This is the Third of three Rin Sakuragi movies by Attackers Studio that I have.


Unlike most of Rin’s movies from BBI, she is more dominated in these. lost of molestation, unwanted sex acts and basically guy forcing himself on herin this movie Rin plays a housewife. after her husband leaves for the day 2 guys break into the house and tie Rin up which leads to one of the guys stripping her down and molests her, then missionary while her hands, feet and mouth are tied up. then doggy, back to missionary and ends with creampie. later on while shes still on the ground the next guy comes in and forces a blowjob on her. moves on to a 2 on 1, doggy and blowjob, missionary with creampie. still in the living room the guys are fucking her again and then the cops show to up save the day. the movie ends with her having sex with her husband.