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Kanae Murakami – While My Husband’s Passed Out, I’ll Have Sex With His Co-worker HD [Untouched 1080p]

Sunday, January 21st, 2018


This is a Dec 2017 release from, featuring a distinctively mature-looking actress named Kanae Murakami. She starts off wearing a demure yet sexy combo of a black sweater top and denim jeans. This video runs at 59.94 FPS, to boot.

I guess the plot, as such, is that Kanae’s husband and a co-worker of his were doing some after-work drinking (very common, perhaps even obligatory, for many Japanese office workers), and he got so blitzed that his co-worker had to help him get home.

So Kanae attends to her hubby, but he’s so out of it that he kind of just passes out and has no awareness of what is happening around him. His oblivious state gives his co-worker the opportunity to make a pass at his wife Kanae and get some sugah for himself.

Things kick off with Kanae having her crotch fondled and rubbed in the kitchen by the co-worker, and then taking off her denim jeans to have it fingered and licked by him while she sits on a counter, biting on her panties.

Kanae and the co-worker then move to the bedroom, where Kanae sucks his dick and the two 69. They then fuck, going at it regular and reverse cowgirl, from behind, standing up, and spooning. At the end, Kanae is fucked missionary style to the end, receiving a creampie in her seasoned snatch.

So check it out, wank it, thank it, and leave a comment! Sayonara!

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[SOAN-018] Asahina Nanako Tightened Gym Group Eroticism! Anal Debut

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

While she is jogging two guys show up and after a little conversation guys give her vibrator. Then she jogs with vibrator inside her vagina that remote controlled by guys.

Then guys touch her and fill up her anus with liquid using giant injector. She squirts a lot. Guys finger her and eat her pussy.

In second scene she walked by guy as a pet via rope glued from her pussy. He plays with her and then she makes blowjob to guy. Finally he fucks her anally in doggy style, sideway style and missionary.At the end he creampies her asshole.

Third scene she wears hot yoga pants he begins with the strip her down. Later he pushes her ass with different dildos and baloon that grows inside of her.

Final scene consist of girl with swimmsuit in the begin she is tied up then two guys appears they touch her and rip and cut her pantys aggresively after they eat her nipples and pussy then they insert three vibrator to her in once she is all wet. She gives them a blowjob , she spreads her butt and they fuck her dp and in doggy style , cowgirl and missionary positions.


APAK-165 This Young Lady Is Furiously Curious And Horny, And Falls For The Trap Of This Rough Sex Loving Gang, As She Becomes Their Sex Slave In Group Domination Defilement Yuzu Kitagawa

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

[APAK165] 【DMM限定】この女、犯してやる…。 好奇心と性欲が強すぎるお嬢様は、鬼畜集団の罠に堕ち、集団凌辱の果てにM奴隷と化す…。 北川ゆず チェキ付き

The scene begins with a horny yuzu lying on the bed, squirming around as she contemplates masturbation. She then undresses herself and begins masturbating, initially with her fingers, and then proceeding to a vibrator. She tries many positions. Next, she switches to a rotating dildo, where she really gets herself off and starts squirting on the chair. The next scene shows her on her laptop, seemingly searching for some male partners to satisfy her sexual craving. She gets into a van with a stranger and goes to his house, and they start kissing the moment they enter the house. It is followed by blowjobs, fondling, fingering and penetration. She gets a creampie at the end.

The subsequent has her lying on the couch, and a second guy enters the room and begins his advances on her. Somehow she seems to become reluctant, and it becomes the typical rapey scene in JAV. The two guys tape vibrators to her nipples and uses a vibrator on her. Following some teasing, they tape a whole vibrator in her pussy and she starts squirming. There is some blowjob and face-fucking after that. The scene ends with them cumming in her mouth, where she spits it out.

The third scene has her fucked by a gang of three. The give her some kind of drug in the beginning, probably some sedative so she does not put up a fight. She is helpless as the three guys shove their dicks at her in a continuous barrage. She gets fucked in many positions (doggy, missionary, cowgirl), sometimes taking a dick in her mouth concurrently. The scene ends with multiple facials.


RBD-820 Female Teacher Becomes a Soapland Slave 11

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

[RBD820] 奴隷ソープに堕とされた女教師11 希島あいり

There is a few scenes at the start which builds up the story for this JAV movie. From what I understand, Airi is a teacher, and her husband works for this mysterious man. One day, the mysterious man goes to a soapland and recommends Airi to become a soapland slave. Somehow, Airi visits the soapland, where she is drugged. She lies on a mattress, where she is inserted with a vibrating dildo. Soon she wakes up, and she is held down by a few hostess from the soapland, and there is more dildo play. Airi is also fucked in missionary position, doggystyle position, before they creampie in her.

The next scene has her giving a blowjob in a hot tub. She takes a load in her mouth, but begins to spit them out after that, and is reprimanded by her boss for doing so.

The third scene has her kissing a client at the bar, and her husband appears, but doesn’t recognize her as she is wearing a mask.

The fourth scene starts with her getting fucked doggystyle. And once again, her husband enters to do some checks on the water pipes. He sneaks a few glances at the girl getting fucked, but does not seem to recognize that it’s his wife. Airi dares not make too much noise, so that her husband would not recognize her.

The last few scenes are soapland themed, and involves Airi soaping the guys up with her body, rubbing them from head to toe. There is also more blowjob and fucking in various positions.


BKD-187 – Mother and Child Mating at the Hot Springs

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

[BKD187] 母子交尾 ~只見路~ 澁谷果歩

Mother and son goes to the hot spring to spend some time together. In the first scene they have some tea and wathcing picture they taken during they and ends up fodeling each other leading to intercourse. The second scene takes place in the all nude hot spring area where they bath together and leads to kissing and mother giving son an blowjob till he cumes in her mouth. Scene tree is in their bed room where they start kissing, petting and intercourse.

Sexual acts: Kissing, Breast play, Cunnilingus, fingering pussy, blowjob, tit fucking, missionary, cow girl, doggystyle

Hairy Amateur Housewife HD Uncensored

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Hairy Amateur Housewife HD.mp4

Cute Married Woman HD Uncensored

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Cute Married Woman HD.mp4

Yukina Sexy Housewife HD Uncensored

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Yukina Sexy Housewife HD.mp4

Chubby Japan Housewife HD Uncensored

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

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Chubby Japan Housewife HD.part2.rar

Misuzu Horny Housewife Humiliation HD Uncensored

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Misuzu Horny Housewife Humiliation HD.mp4