April & Tessa Threesome – Real Sisters Shared One Big Dick HD

August 15th, 2018

Little April and Tessa came back for their first threesome ever. Though April is a straight girl she was so pleased to have her first lesbian experience as well. These girls are so much fun together, always laughing and smiling. They do a great job sucking cock and then move to some sex positions.

FACIAL ALERT: The shooting was intended to be cum swapping, but Tessa backed out at the last moment and partially ruined the cumshot. However adorable April came to the rescue and took the facial as good as she could. Enjoy

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[HAVD-839] Ria Sakuragi (Rin Kajika) – Seizing Upon The Obedient And Busty Helper’s Weakness…

August 15th, 2018

[HAVD839] 言いなり爆乳ヘルパー 弱みを握って極楽オッパイ介護を強要した 桜木莉愛

Ria plays a disabled man’s helper. He gazes at her from his wheelchair, but as she’s washing him he becomes erect. He asks her to wash his penis and then forces her hand up and down his shaft. She rejects him when he gets pushy and throws him to the floor.
The pair have sex multiple times until the disabled man’s son discovers them fucking in the bathroom. Disgusted the son throws the father out into a bush. He then makes the Ria pleasure him and fuck him.
The thought of Ria’s tits spontaneously heals the father’s spine and he staggers back into the house after dark, squealing and deeply concerning everyone involved. He defeats his son in combat and takes Ria back, they have sex and live happily ever after.

Sex acts:
Breast fondling, cunnilingus, nipple sucking, fingering, reverse-cowgirl, seated blowjob, cum in mouth, cum spitting, bathroom sex, handjob, standing blowjob, titjob, cum swallowing, lying down titfuck, missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, cum on tits


SDSI-061 ~ Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Documentary On The Medical Treatment!

August 15th, 2018

[SDSI061]  ED治療 医療コンシェルジュ 瀧本梨絵(仮) ドキュメント作品 医療の限界と壁を超える挑戦

Description: Documentary in filming, “Erectile Dysfunction Treatment” with Rie Takimoto as concierge. A documentary treating it with medical treatment as in blowjob, one lucky dude with fingering the pussy and cowgirl, mostly handjob till cumshot induce and one blowjob after cumshot. Mostly talking in the facility and sex happening on the medical bench while being filmed for documentary with some crying in the middle of shooting…
Sex acts: fingering massage jerk.to.completion blowjob.after.cumshot nipple.licking cowgirl


IPZ-952 Erotic Lady Nurse Likes Mouth Ejaculation Enchanted Whisper Is A Small Devil Superb Squirrel That Misleads Guy! Yume Nishinomiya

August 15th, 2018

[IPZ952] エロ痴女ナースは口内射精がお好き 魅惑のささやきは男を惑わす小悪魔極上ナース! 西宮ゆめ

Movie begins with a sexy nurse in twintails on duty at a nurse station with various patients roaming around. Flashes forward to later that night. The nurse begins to seduce a male patient. Another patient walks in on the action and turns into a threesome. The camera is from the point of view of another male patient. Later, we see the same male patient again, fantasising about the nurse from last night, bringing out a lewd magazine of the nurse (Nishimiya Yume) and begins to fap. Nurse walks in and does lewd and slutty stuff, like sniff the used tissues. Lots of cowgirl and slutty nurse action. More blowjobs and facesitting, ends with missionary and blowjob/swallow finish.

Second scene sees the nurse station again, attended by the the nurse and a male practitioner. Nurse gropes the male throughout, and mounts him, follow by kissing, blowjob, breast groping, fingering, cunnilingus, doggy style and lots of cowgirl riding action. Finish with blowjob and swallow.

Third scene is a threesome between the nurse and 2 other male patients. Lots of kissing and groping again. Double blowjob/handjob/sucking/fingering and mix and combinations and variations thereof. Similarly, ends with blowjob and swallow x2


My Babygirl’s First Sybian Side – Jericha Jem HD

August 15th, 2018

My super sexy daughter is going through a breakup. I can hear her using her vibrator in her room and I knew if she ever got a chance to use the Sybian I bought for her mom that she would lose her mind. I see the way she looks at me and I know she thinks her daddy is sexy. So I thought I would offer to give her a ride.

She climbed up on it like she did when I taught her to ride a bike. I hadn’t seen her naked since she turned 18, but good lord has my little girl grown up. I loved watching her sit on it and play with her perfect titties. She promised not to tell her mom. She rode that big girl toy until she came hard and told me how much she loved it. I felt how wet her pussy was and it made me so hard knowing I was the one that did it. I’m going to teach her more big girl games

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IPZ-988 First Time 8 Customs SPECIAL + 4 Production + Pinosaro + Mutual Onage + China Este + Quick Delivery Nishimiya Yume Book Nominating 240 Minutes

August 15th, 2018

[IPZ988]  初めての8風俗SPECIAL+4本番+ピンサロ+相互オナクラ+チャイナエステ+クイックデリバリー 西宮ゆめ本指名240分
First scene,
A Japanese kyabakura club setting, Yume, the hostess, tends to your needs with a bright smile. Lots of tongue/kissing, breast fondling, titfuck, ball sucking/licking and blowjob. Discards cum onto towel.

Second scene,
A couple themed scene. Set in a love-hotel setting with a voyeur type point of view, the young couple start undressing, groping, fingering, cunnilingus, cowgirl, reverse.cowgirl, missionary, ends with cum on face.

third scene,
A playful maiden in light bluish-green lingerie and fishnet stockings within a “service orientated environment”; a large, transparent screen separating the customer and the girl, almost like an “aquarium gloryhole”. Begins with the male masturbating to the girl touching herself and using various sex toys. Finishes with footjob/blowjob and cum on face.

Fourth scene
A “soapland” type environment. Lotion/oil type massage with licking and female on male toe sucking. handjob, blowjob, fingering, cunnilingus, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary and cum on stomach

Fifth scene
Cheongsam/garterbelt lingerie with those Chun Li style double hair bun things.
Starts with massage service towards an older guy. Advances to handjob/blowjob, 69 finish with blowjob. Discards cum onto towel.

Sixth scene
A maid cosplay oriented service. Begins with kissing and saliva swapping, ball sucking, blowjob, fingering, cunnilingus, doggy style, cowgirl, finish with cum on face.

Seventh scene
A quick scene, Yume is seen dressed in a long, pink, trench coat styled coat, wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings inside. Jerks/blows the guy off next to a van in a corner of a cement surrounded area, probably an underground parking lot.

Eighth scene,
A shower scene, Yume washes off her client with soap. They get out the shower. Yume slips into black and red lingerie. Some, less consensual and more forced kissing and groping, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob, missionary, doggy style, reverse.cowgirl finish with cum on face.


Hoby Buchanon – Rough Amateur DEEPTHROAT Full Vids in HD (Request)

August 15th, 2018

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Cute Petite Bikini Girl Hardcore FaceFuck & Throated ROUGH HD

This extreme rough facefucking clip starts with a petite bikini girl I met at the pool who was sun bathing. She says she forgot suntan lotion so I take her back to my apartment to oil her up. I start to apply oil to her and she seems to be enjoying it. I remove her top to oil her titties. This girl has a tight little body. I put my fingers in her mouth and notice her pretty little dick sucking lips. I put my cock in her mouth and begin to fuck her face. This scene includes rough deepthroating, throat fucking, mounted face fucking, lying flat grabbing heels facefucking, fingers down throat, figure 4 69, standing 69, laying 69, head pounded down on cock, ass slapping, face slapping, tit slapping, tit sucking, ball sucking, fish hooking, choking, nose holding, deepthroat tears and a big cumshot to finish off!

Beautiful 20 Yr Old Italian Fitness Model Valentina Personal Training Session FaceFuck HD

This beautiful real model came over to do a personal training session photo shoot. After training her on a few different exercises I realized I had to get her naked. She seemed to like my training style as I started undressing her during the session to see what kind of shape she’s really in. She continues doing the exercises as more and more of her clothes come off and she’s completely nude. I convince her to take a break and give me a hand job. Shortly into the hand job she looks at me and says “can I just suck it”, I knew she’d ask eventually. I then get a sloppy blow job while forcing my cock further into her throat and making her hold it there until she can’t breathe. I flip her upside down and stick my cock all the way into her mouth and fuck her face. Tears are streaming down her cheeks after that. I blow a load all over her perky titties and she smiles as she loves every second of it. I tell her that this training session was free.

BIG Tits MILF Face Fucked, Worships Balls, Licks Asshole, Pukes & Gets Spit On HD

MILF Mazzy Phoenix stopped by and got a rough NASTY Face Fucking. She starts by telling me she’s seen my videos and I have a big cock and she’s scared. She seems frightened by what I’m about to do to her. I have her start by worshiping my balls and licking all over them before fucking her face with my balls, that was a new one. I take out her giant tits and slap them around roughly before fucking her face. She pukes multiple times during the shoot. I dick slap her, rub my balls all over her face, choke her, hold her nose, slap her, spit in her face and more! She seems to be trying to dodge the cock so I ram it down her throat more. I fuck her big tits and slap her around before having her lick my asshole. This chick really loves to eat man ass. I mount her face and sit on it while she eats my ass and spit in her face. I stand over her on the couch and fuck her skull roughly while she gags. I fuck her face roughly in the hallway before hand cuffing her. I make her eat my ass while i bounce it off her face. I fuck her face more and fish hook her before shooting a big creamy load all over her face and tell her she’s a good bitch.

Thick Chick Trades a Teary Eyed Sloppy Face Fuck for Free Training HD

This clip opens with a thick huge tittied girl working out with her trainer. She tells him she can’t afford training anymore and asks if there’s anything she can do. He puts his cock into her mouth and says show me how much you want training. She proceeds to get a long sloppy deep throat face fuck with her eyes tearing up the whole time. He slaps her giant tits and grabs them as he shoves his cock down her throat. This is done in multiple positions. She takes a big cum spray to the face and tits to finish off.

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MEYD-038 Stepmom Slave Ayumi Shinoda

August 15th, 2018

[MEYD038]  義母奴隷 篠田あゆみ

Sex Acts: Missionary, Blackmail, Groping, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Creampie, Duct Tape, Bondage, Vibrator, Dildo, Dog Leash, Tit-fuck, Handjob-to-completion, Cum-in-mouth

This movie features Ayumi Shinoda who acts as a stepmom. In the first scene, she is in the living room with a handyman. You can feel sexual tension build up in the room, before the handyman rapes Ayumi. She pushes her onto the couch, and straight aways pound her in missionary style. All this is witnessed by Ayumi’s stepson who has just returned home.

Cut to the next scene, back in the living room, Ayumi’s stepson confronts her and blackmails her. He pushes her onto the couch, and starts groping her breasts. She pushes him away, but he comes back stronger, pulling down her panties and gives her cunnilingus. He then fingers her and forces her to give him a blowjob. They then fuck missionary on the couch, and doggystyle on the ground, followed by some reverse cowgirl and then back to missionary. He ends up giving her a creampie.

In scene 3, Ayumi’s stepson threatens Ayumi in the kitchen, and starts fingering her, just a few feet behind her husband. After awhile, they move to the bedroom, where the stepson uses duct tape to tie a ring around Ayumi’s breasts, and ties her thighs to the calves (in a squatting stance). He then uses a pink vibrator to tease her breasts and pussy, while switching up with a white dildo too. He fucks her missionary style, before the scene cuts to black.

In scene 4, Ayumi is tied to a dog leash, and walked around the house by her stepson while cleaning the floor. She is pretty much naked, except for her panties, and an apron. He forces her to lick his toes and fingers, before they kiss a little. Ayumi then undresses her stepson, giving him a blowjob and some tit-fucking. She gives him a handjob to completion, and he cums on her hands.

In scene 5, Ayumi is in her stepson’s room, while her stepson sits on the bed. She undresses in front of him, before being attached with a dog leash. She licks his body from top down while both are on the bed, before she gives him a blowjob. They perform some 69, before he fingers her and then fuck her in missionary. They switch it up to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. He ends up cumming in her mouth.

In the epilogue scene, Ayumi’s husband is outside the toilet brushing his teeth while talking to her (whos showering). Then the camera pans down to reveal her stepson lying naked in the bathtub, and shortly after


Hot Bitchy Bratty Step Daughter Blackmails Her Step Daddy HD

August 15th, 2018

Hey step dad, so I wanted to talk to you because I’ve been having a problem and it’s not like school or boys, you see I’m pretty sure you’ve been perving on me for a long time. And I think it’s time we talked about it because I’m really grossed out. I mean like you’re supposed to be a role model and someone to look up to but instead you’re this weird creepy dude who always stares at me when I come home.

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MDYD-896 Tropical Night Yui Hatano

August 15th, 2018

[MDYD896] 熱帯夜 波多野結衣

Sex Acts: Cleavage, Sweating, Sweaty Sex, Licking, Groping, Cunnilingus, Handjob, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Missionary, Cum-on-stomach, Cum-in-mouth, 69,

This movie is part of the series Tropical Night. It features Yui Hatano as a housewife. In the first scene, Yui is seen cleaning the floor while kneeling. You can see her cleavage and her panties as she moves around on her fours. Her brother-in-law is seen ogling at her the whole time. At night, Yui is seen sleeping, and it’s hot, so her whole body is bearing droplets of sweat. Once again, her brother-in-law is outside the room looking at her sweaty body.

The next day, Yui is napping on the couch, and sweating profusely. She is awaken by her brother-in-law, who has just returned home from work. She goes to the kitchen to fetch him a cold beverage, but he gets horny and decides to rape her. He throws her onto the couch, and starts licking her body, and fondling her breasts. He gives her cunnilingus, and then forces her to give him a handjob. Next, she gives him a blowjob, and they fuck doggystyle on the couch. You can see her sweating profusely, and there are clear droplets of sweat on her body. Yui then climbs onto him to fuck cowgirl, before they lie on the ground to fuck in missionary. He ends up cumming on her stomach.

The next night, Yui brings some tea to her brother-in-law’s room, and he is on the bed. He gets up, and grabs Yui as she is turning around to leave the room. She throws her onto the bed and fondles her breasts, she seems reluctant at this point. He sucks on her tits, before moving down to give her cunnilingus, while alternating between fingering her. She cums, and then lies on the bed panting. After a while, she puts on her nightgown and leaves the room.

The next morning, as Yui is folding the clean laundry, her brother-in-law kneels beside her, apparently apologising. Soon after, he hold her from behind, and they start making out. She proceeds to suck him off, and he cums in her mouth.