This one is a Crossdresser video that features a Japanese guy that is transformed into a nice cute sissy and then toyed and fucked. So without further ado, lets move onto my notes for this particular torrent.

SCENE 1: So in the first scene we see the guy who is going to be transformed into a girlie sissy being interviewed. Since I don't understand japanese, I can't really tell what they're talking about. But then the scene shifts to where the guy is being dressed en femme. They apply make up, make him wear bra, panties, a nice cute dress with a sweater, some accessories and to complete the transformation a wig. So a slow intro for the CD at first and then he is joined by an older man. The old guy touches the CD and gropes him. Then he gets the CD's cock out and begins to give him a handjob. Another guy joins in and they touch, caress, grope and play with the CD. They get the CD in doggy with some nice ass shots with his hard cock. The CD then gets rimmed an receives a blowjob and gets finger fucked. While taking a finger up his but, the old guy whips his cock out and makes the CD blow him. In the end the CD is on his knees blowing the old dude and taking a facial.

SCENE 2: Scene 2 tends starts with the CD again alone and posing and showing off his sexy black lingerie. He shows off his body and there is a lot of concentration on his ass with some great ass shots. The CD is then joined by a guy and they start thing off slowly and very sensuously. They touch and caress each other and begin to make out passionately. Soon the guy is naked and he whips the CD's cock out of his panties and gives him a handjob while he sucks on the CD's nipples. Both of them give each other blowjobs and suck on each other quite enthusiastically. The CD gets more handies and gets rimmed and finger fucked for a bit and then they get down to fucking. The CD is fucked in many positions that include DOGGY, MISSIONARY, SIDEWAYS, COWGIRL, STANDING DOGGY, REVERSE COWGIRL and then takes a facial in the end.

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