[RCTD233]  屈辱と恥辱のウエディングドレス 奴隷花嫁 3

In the first scene the girl gives the olde man a blowjob in the presence of another girl and guy. She undresses afterwards and is inspected by ther girl. Her measurements are taken.

Next scene she is dressed in bridal lingerie. Vibrators are taped to her nipples for the ceremony. The groom puts a collar on her and she gets on her knees and kisses his penis. She is loosely gagged and then made to sit down on the floor and masturbate. She is handcuffed and more posing. The gag is removed and she lies on the floor and the bridal flowers are placed in her pussy.

Scene three, we are in the same room and the groom is fondling her pussy. He uses a vibrator then is given a blowjob. He fucks her doggy style and from behind standing up, then cowgirl and missionary position and cums on her face.

In scene fours she cuts the wedding cake with her groom and then has to eat it on a plate on the floor. She also has to eat it off her maid of honor's shoe. Now she is made to walk forward naked while a rope with interspersing knots is betwwen her legs rubbing her pussy (it is held from one end of the room to the other). Now she squirts piss randomly into stacked wine glasses. The groomsmen write on her body with markers. She then gives a blowjob. Her pussy is filmed and projected to a large screen. One of the groomsmen eat her out and she gives him a titty fuck. she fucks him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to end the movie.

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