Got a good one here for you, the full translated name for this one is something like "Watch where true time stops Part 15" (cause there are 14 other timestop vids in this series). This one happens to take place on a train where a freaky looking guy with stupid looking watch gets to have the ability to freeze time and have his way with all the gorgeous women who happen to be riding in an unusually empty train/subway car. And I always find these time stop fantasy vids hot, but also kinda funny in how they try to pretend timed stopped whether it's the girls trying not to blink/keep their balance in wierd positions. To cheap gimmickks like trying to pretend a phone is floating when you can see the string. Anyway once this frizzy haired guy realizes what's going on he goes after every girl in the car one at a time, doing everything from playing tricks on them, to getting them ready to cum and then unfreezing time as they cum (so everyone an act shocked) before freezing time again and going back at it. This guy gives it to every one of these girls pretty good no matter how crazy what it is he wants to do, At one point he even fucks a girl as she's hanging out the door of the train. Final scene results in him having with his way with all the girls in the car at once.

Sex Acts: fingering, squirting, blowjob, standing missionary, doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, facial/cumshot, groupsex,etc Download or Watch!