[TAMM011]  人妻性奴隷 澁谷果歩

Another entry in my beloved Married Woman Sex Slave series by Orga, starring Kaho Shibuya. The plot develops as always, with slight variations. Instead of gaining access to the home to start things off, Kaho has a side business as a masseuse, and one of her clients takes too much of a liking to her. He puts a collar on her, rapes her, and things go their way from this point onwards. He visits Kaho at home to continue their new "relationship". Kaho complies with his demands and starts voluntarily putting on the collar and leash. In this one, there's no picking up dogs' toys with her mouth at the end (that's shifted to an earlier section), the final scene is more sex with a collar and leash on. Highlight of the movie for me is the intro to the final scene. Kaho waves her husband goodbye, her smile fades. Her master is hiding outside, and enters the house as soon as the husband is gone. When he opens the door, Kaho is kneeling right before him, naked, save for the collar around her neck. She greets him, bows deeply, and waits obediently until he has the leash attached to her collar. Then she's led to the bedroom for the final sex scene.

Kaho suck dick a lot, gets groped, fingered, masturbates, gets teased with a vibrator, and fucked in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary. Download