ASW-210 Ayane Suzukawa

[ASW210] あ~やらしい!58 喉で味わう見せつけごっくん! 涼川絢音

In this movie, Ayane basically sucks a lot of dick in every scene and swallows the mens’ cum. She gets surrounded by 4 dicks, sucks them, lays back in an animal print pillow, and gets her mouth filled up with cum. Then she gulps down the cum! GOKKUN!
Next she blows some dweeb (they’re almost all dweebs in JAV… dweebs or fat fucks), rides him with her pussy (reverse cowgirl), and drinks the cum from his condom. She blows two more guys and drinks their cum right after that.

Then Ayane is dressed as a maid and blows two guys that are laying on their backs. She drinks their cum too. Fast foward and she’s in a room full of dick, and she sucks them. They fill up her mouth, but not all at once. It’s kind of ½ and ½. It would have been better if the entire room ejaculated into her mouth before she swallowed, but this scene was still very good. She really does a great job throughout the movie of showing off the cum in her mouth, and showing her beautiful Japanese eyes to us.


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