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[VRTM-377] The Legendary Dream Match!Girls ○ Raw × OL × AV Actress Performer!Lesbian Battle!

Monday, August 13th, 2018

[VRTM377]  伝説のドリームマッチ!女子○生×OL×AV女優芸人!レズビアンバトル!


[BBAN-172] I Want Azumakako To Tell Me Serious Lesbian Akase Miki Girls Are Blamed For The First Time, Seriously Crowning Sweaty Lesbian Training!

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[BBAN172] あべみかこに本気のレズを教えて欲しい愛瀬美希 初めて女の子に責められ、本気で絶頂しまくる汗だくレズ調教!


[WANZ-678] Conviction Oil Massage Devil Squid Cream Pies In Lesbian Star Saki

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[WANZ678]  監禁オイルマッサージ 鬼イカせ中出しレ×プ 星咲せいら

The lovely Seira here, starting off with a long massage with lots of oil, about an hour in she is blindfolded and tied up against her will and then fingered
while trying to plead.She wriggles to try to escape but the molester just does it harder.He fucks her while she is tied up in multiple postions including
doggy and lying down doggy(not familiar what else to call it sorry havent read the kamasutra) he pronebones her before cumming inside her.Next scene starts of with
her in a rather luminous bodysuit with tied hands and oil being poured onto her back, the two gentlemen use a hitachi to please her.Next scene this time a black
body suit similar to previous scene except this time she looks in more distress (almost crying) she uses a dildo but not much happens to be honest.Next scene is just
a bj with cum in mouth,Next scene again she is tied up and fingered by 2 lovely gentlemen while wearing a nice set of stockings.This scene includes threesome.blowjob
handjob.doggy.creampie.cowgirl and a few others i cant name for lack of knowing wtf is going on.And for some reason starting at 2:29:00 there is about a
half an hour comp of all of wanz best scenes, not sure why that was in here but there is a few nice scenes.Just thought id give a heads up incase like me you
thought wtf is going on..Enjoy!!


[BBAN-122] Lesbian Teacher and Schoolgirl Forbidden Relationship Kept From Clingy Best Friend 1080P

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

So the full title is “Lesbian school girls fucked in front of friends”. And basically the vid is about a hot female teacher and one of her female students who are having a secret lesbian relationship, and the girl’s clingy friend who is always around forcing the two of them to find ways of expressing their need for each other without her finding out. (Cause the teacher is super horny) and wants to fuck/fool around with the girl any chance she gets (which isn’t always easy for them).
First they fool around in the classroom when the girl’s friend steps out, the teacher takes the iniative the second the friend is gone, and manages to get as far as fingering her a bit before they have to stop as the friend comes back. The next day the friend actually falls asleep in class (and being a porno she is out cold) allowing them to fool around again (even with her right next to them), where the teacher gets to go down on the girl and play with her a little before deciding to pull her out into the hall to fuck her properly (since there is apparently no one else in the school and the hall is a better place to get naked) where they’re able to get a lot more into it and get a good little back/forth pleasure before they decide to call it a day.
The next scene is apparently at the school girl/love interest’s house, where the teacher comes over and they waste no time going to the bedroom and having a much longer/better fuck than last time.The funny thing is about half way through the schoolgirl’s friend comes over and walks in on them. And while they acknowledge her presence it doesn’t even slow them down. She actually stays and watches them for a while before leaving and letting the two of them finish.
The next day the two girls have an awkward conversation on the roof (I have no idea what they say) but it quickly cuts to the girl and the teacher at it again in the gym storage room, with the girl in a school swimsuit. Just as they’re getting started the friend comes in and (I think) tells them she wants to join/be a part of their affair. Cause she basically ends up joining them, and having a big lesbian threesome in the storage room where the the teacher and first girl double team her, as well as the teacher instructing the two schoolgirls to fuck each other (and her as well) to make the last scene of the vid a pretty hot way to complete the story.

Now there are no sequels or anything to this as far as I found, however I was able to name all 3 girls in this, so hopefully they have more vids on here tagged.


[WANZ-694] Lesbian BDSM Shiina Sora

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[WANZ694]  レズビアンBDSM 椎名そら


[JUY-413] Overlapping Breasts, Rubbing Nipples.Married Woman Closely Lesbian Kimishima Mio Masuro Apricot

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[JUY413]  重なる乳房、擦れる乳首。人妻密着レズビアン 君島みお ましろ杏


[MIAE-223] Extra Thick Tangled Dildo Swallowing Body Fluids Gangchogcho W Ilamachio Lesbians Mihara Minohara Aikawa Misaki

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[MIAE223]  体液がグチョグチョに絡みあう 極太ディルド丸呑みWイラマチオレズビアン 三原ほのか 藍川美夏


[AVOP-344] “Vibrator Drama” – Weird, sexy, and embarrassing! (1080p)

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Intro Scene: We see our lovely stars taking a pleasant stroll down the streets and talking. Title screens roll.

Scene 1:
Our stars get interviewed a bit before having remote controlled vibes pushed inside them underneath their clothes. Now stuff gets a little confusing. At the end of the room is a near naked japanese guy standing facing away. In between the girls and him are a number of lines connected from wall to wall. They star playing a weird game where they’re not allowed to move when the music stop and he turns around. They also, of course, still have vibes inside them. Eventually the guy just ends up groping and licking one of the girls who messed up I think. She giggles and wriggles. Back to the game. They switch between groping, touching, and playing the game. Various toys are pushed inside them and their wet panties are often showed off. Now we’re doing another game with duck tape and clothes placed inbetween the guy and the girls. I have no idea what the rules are but we do get an awesome closeup on some super hard nipples.

Scene 2ish:
The game contains lots of panties and pussies stuffed with vibrators and cute schoolgirl uniforms. It ends with the girls jacking off and blowing their competitor. Another game begins with different outfits and more intense vibes. Eventually, one of the girls is naked on her back and getting fingered. Eventually we get some weird yoga positions with fingering, groping, cunnilingus, and doggy style… We get some fucking in this strange position followed by cowgirl and nipple-play. Then 69ing and then sme missionary. Lots of giggling and toying ends with a creampie.

Scene 3:
The girls come in and have a sit down followed by an interview which as fucking usual I cant understand because japanese. Soon enough we’re back to giggling and intense vibrating. The games continue and the girls are humiliated with vibes as they put on odd sexual outfits. The vibe games continue for awhile but eventually lead to some stripping and titty fuckin. Then a blowjob –> reverse cowgirl –> doggy style –> sideways fucking. Her friend watches as she gets fucked hard and creampied.

Scene 1:
Our stars are back, back again, and the vibe games continue along with some bulge groping. Soon enough one of the girls will be in a sexy cop outfit (wtf I like cops now?!?) blowing and jacking off the guy with the vibe still inside her. All sorts of awkward positons and games are played as the girls are humiliated by their vibes and struggle to complete their confusing tasks. Eventually one of the girls gets fucked on her back and then fingered to a squirting orgasm. Some fingering leads to doggy and doggy leads to reverse cowgirl – tits jigglin the whole time. Bam creampie

Scene 2:
Another interview. More vibe games. More groping. More hard nipples and cute lingerie. The games as usual lead up to sex. Rough missionary and then standing missionary. Then cowgirl. The friend watches. He creampies her in missionary

Scene 1:
The vibe games never end! There is no escape! Seriously. Please help me. I’m stuck in a vibe game paradox. This isn’t a joke. Send help. Stop smirking I’m literally stuck in a weird surreal loop please help. ANYWAY. The girls get interviewed and are properly dressed in skirts just fitting for having vibrators stuffed underneath them. Soon enough the vibes are in, the games begin, and the groping and nipple play commences. We get the slutty outfits and the games. The games are the same as the previous scenes so I won’t go too indepth on them. The vibes are upgraded, the games are continued, and the whole ordeal ends in fucking and fingering. We get some missionary and then some front facing cowgirl. Her tits are very jiggly! Her friend watches as is customary and traditional in canada. Next we get doggy style and goddamn she has some nice tits. She gets creampied in missionary

Scene 2:
Our girls are interviewed outside and I assume offered another chance for a game. The games begin and all sorts of vibrating mischief occurs, sprinkled in as usual with odd costumes and nipple play. The girls lose more and more clothes as theyre fucked with toys and squirt in reaction to the intense vibrators. Next they blow the guy and then one of the girl gets fucked on her back with a leg in the air. More blowjob, and then doggy style. Ends with a missionary creampie.




[MIFD-049] Much Sensitive Lesbian Sister AV Debut Hara Sakura

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[MIFD049]  めっちゃ敏感レズビアンお姉さんAVデビュー 原さくら


[JUFD-936] Kissing Nipple Torture Lesbians ~ Destiny Lesbian Nipple Training At Home Estheticians ~ Tachibana Mary Mizuno Chaoyang

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[JUFD936]  接吻乳首責めレズビアン ~在宅エステティシャンの卑猥なレズキスニップル調教~ 橘メアリー 水野朝陽