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[PTS-432] Married Wife Les Fist Vaginal Invasion Esthetic

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[PTS432]  人妻レズフィスト 膣内侵犯エステ


[NPS-364] Female Coach Haruna’s Amateur Lesna Paipu Ubu 20 H-love Girls!Dressing Together The Omas And Pairs Of First Clams DX!4 Hours

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[NPS364]  女監督ハルナの素人レズナンパ ウブでHな女子20人!オマ


[TMHP-092] Cozy Co-star Will Soon Come To A Mad Feast

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[TMHP092] 嬌艶の共演はやがて狂宴へ


[BID-042] Living Naked With a Perfect BODY 4 Colossal Titted Sister’s Large Harlem Orgies (1080p)

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Part/Scene 01
The movie starts with the one girl giving a blowjob and handjob to one lucky man, followed by passionate tittyfuck.
The scene cuts there and the two lucky Japanese couple are in a pinky room, getting ready for a fuck of a century. There girls come and try to help one shy girl to satisfy her man. Four girls continue to satisfy this lucky man by sucking his cock, licking his nipples and two of them watch the on blowing him and instructing her what to do next. After some foreplay, they put him on the floor, giving him chance to squeeze their boobs and one of them tries to feed his hunger by putting her boobs into his mouth. The girls really do their best to make his dreams come true.
The scene ends with girls trying to finish him with their natural big soft boobs making him moaning for more, more, more. Lastly the dried him with their mouth by giving him sloppy blowjobs.

Sex acts: blowjob, titty fuck, nipple licking, boob squeezing

Part/Scene 02
The scene starts in a bathtub where a beautiful young lady gives a blowjob to one lucky guy. We can clearly see she is enjoying it. We all know what happens when she needs to breathe. It’s time for a titty fuck, yeah. Few moments later, Yumi Kazama joins their company in a living room and decides to show everyone why she’s one of the best japanese porn actors ever. Here sloppy kissing could make every man horny as fuck which is exactly what she does here. The other girl too. After some kissing, man’s hunger is once again over with some boob eating. And now it is girls turn, so they start to giving him blowjob and kissing him at the same time. No to mention, that they really wanted to feel man’s tongue on their pussy, so one of them sits on his face so he could give her chance to climax almost at the beginning. Yumi Kazama really enjoyed her pussy to be eaten and screamed so loudly. And finally got his cock into her pussy for some cowgirl and missionary action.
After Yumi’s needs were fullfilled, the other girl got the same, but doggy style. As you know, Yumi will always be hungry for some cock, so the guy really tried to give her what she wants. Standing doggy is always the best answer. And of course I don’t need to mention, jelousy is a bitch so missionary is always the answer. Noone can deny that. These girls really tried to fullfill every wish this guy had, so they fed him with their boobs (actually Yumi did that), while the other lady tried to dry his cock by riding him and sucking his nipples at the same time.
We all know, all good things come to an end, so the girls ending this lovely meetup by giving him one last sloppy, extremely sexy blowjob.

Sex acts: blowjob, titty fuck, kissing, pussy licking, face sitting, pussy eating, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, standing doggy, missionary

Part/Scene 03
The scene starts with a girl giving a blowjob to one lucky guy, once again with some additional titty fuck. And again one girl wasn’t ready to give a man what he wants, so another girl joins them so they could enjoy their meeting.
This scene is similar to the other two, pussy eating (while sitting on man’s face) and other girl giving a blowjob to a lucky man.
I mean these girls really know what to do when you have someone in front of you, a man who really needs to be fucked, so the decided to do exactly what he wants.
They fucked him and rode him like a pro cowgirl while giving him a chance to lick the other girl’s pussy at the same time + fed him with her lovely boobs.
After fucking him, it is time for him to fuck them, so doggy was the first choice. And it was good, it was really really good choice.
To spicy it all up, they kissed him a lot and fucked him after the previously mentioned doggy, so he could cum on their boobs. Which is how the scene ended.

Sex acts: blowjob, titty fuck, pussy eating, face sitting, cowgirl, pussy licking, boob eating, doggy, cum on tits

Part/Scene 04
This scene start with Yumi giving a blowjob and titty fuck to one lucky guy which is what every man should have in his life.
After that, we have four sexy ladies making fun of a guy by putting woman’s cloths on him.
As you all know, there are a lot of blowjobs, handjobs just to make this foreplay even more interesting. With occasional face sitting, pussy licking, pussy eating man tries to make woman’s pussy wet and ready for the final countdown. Girls are getting ready to do this night, his night.
With his cock getting harder than ever, they rode him like a cowgirl, cheering for each other.
To be honest, no woman should only satisfy a man, he should do the same to her so he really fucked them. It was his mission to do them in a missionary position. And in a doggy style too (Yumi got what she wanted, right from the start).
The scene continues with him fucking them hard, but with one twist – penis masturbator.
The very last minutes includes: missionary fuck with big boobed lovely and sexy lady and of course Yumi did him with joy, cowgirl style, holding his hands so he could do nothing but enjoying her.
To finish the scene, Yumi jerked him and took his cock one last time in a missionary position.

Sex acts: blowjob, titty fuck, handjob, face sitting, pussy licking, pussy eating, cowgirl, missionary, doggy

BID-042 (scene 1).mkv
BID-042 (scene 2).mkv
BID-042 (scene 3).mkv
BID-042 (scene 4).mkv

April and Silv Threesome HD [Untouched 1080p]

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

We all know April by now, this is Silv’s debut on YouthLust and this girl is kind of a freak. During the introduction, she mentions that she’s into bloodplay, and throughout, she licks April’s asshole. She’s really into it this whole scene, a real natural. But yeah, this is a great scene, I had a lot of trouble narrowing down screenshots. They start off making out for a bit, then Silv eats out April and licks her ass while April gives a blowjob, April and Silv 69 for a bit, he fucks April cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then Silv cowgirl, then takes a turn fucking each doggy while they lay on top of each other, then missionary and prone bone. Throughout all the fucking, they’re constantly kissing and licking each other. Ends with the usual great facial and them kissing while their faces are covered.

Great scene.

April came for the audition of Silv, she is a hot super horny girl. The girls loved each other and kiss passionately, then Silv eats out April’s pussy. They give an amazing blowjob and get fucked with in several positions. They make a great team cause both of them adore to get fucked. In the end they share a cumshot to their faces. Enjoy

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[AUKG-180] Violated By Her Best Friend In the Basement

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[AUKG180] 地下にベストフレンドを犯されて利用

First scene:
The movie starts with the two girls  talking to each other on the couch and drinking coffee.
After some coffee they start to kiss each passionately and the smaller-boobed one starts to play with the big ones, while sucking the nipples and massaging them, while playing with the other woman’s pussy which was an enjoyment to both.
After some lesbian play, Anri was ready for a pussy licking and since she didn’t want to owe her friend anything, they did some math test. The answer to the most math tests in these ”terms” is always 69. The deal was if everything goes well, they will trib each other which gave them what they really want, right from the start. The first scene ended with them kissing each other.

Second scene:
The scene starts with the two girls wearing lovely pink shirts+dresses kiss each other and desperately wanting to have some more. Both of them, want some soft, wet pussy, because they are hungry and I do mean hungry. I believe Ayaka is on a diet, where you can eat pussy and Anri’s boobs, so she starts with the boobs by licking them, the nipples. Of course, Anri did just the same.
To burn all the calories they put in each other’s body, Ayaka start to lick Anri’s wet pussy. But this time she teases Anri by licking her lovely teal underpants. Of course the pussy was wet by the end, because no woman can resist her pussy to be licked – so the pants ”had been taken off”

Third scene:
This time, Anri is tied, with her eyes covered. Trying to free herself and to legitimately enjoy what’s about to happen. Anri had a vibrator, that was smartly placed between her pussy and her pink underpants, so the enjoyment was even bigger, greater.
Ayaka knew that their play will be over soon if she didn’t stop at the right moment, so she freed Anri, just to kiss her, play with her boobs, just before she final play.
You need to make a pussy wet for it to be fucked, everyone knows that. So does Ayaka. So she licked, ate Anri’s pussy and she did enjoy it, a lot. Boobs were eaten and licked also.
And then, strapon time. Ayaka put a strapon on her pussy and Anri starts to lick it, lick it hard.
First of all, Anri got her ass rimmed, Ayaka did a great job and the she started to fuck Anri in a standing doggy style.
After some action, finally Ayaka got her pussy licked and eaten, after a long long time, she got what she deserves/deserved.
The scene ends with the two girls tribbing and kissing at the very end.

Sex acts:
strap-on, kissing, tits sucking, nipple sucking, pussy to mouth, pussy rubbing, 69, tribbing, nipple licking, while suspended, pussy to pussy, pussy,masturbation, doggy, standing doggy, strap-on doggy, strap-on blowjob, female rimming female, rimming, tribbing


Charlotte Stokely, Kendra Spade ~ A Foot in Hot Pussy

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Decked out in candy-colored tights and leotards from head to toe, Kendra Spade and Charlotte Stokely start their workout routine separately, but Charlotte’s got a surprise for her cute Asian girlfriend: a big strap-on! Kendra rides that big toy dick as the babes oil themselves up, and then these kinky beauties strip out of their workout gear so they can lick, nibble, and suck on their favorite erogenous zones: their feet! As Kendra teases Charlotte’s clit with her sole, Charlotte fucks Kendra’s pussy with her toes, and then they scissor until they cum hard, rubbing each other’s tits with their feet. These babes definitely got off on the right foot!

mp4 | 415 MiB | 33 min | 1280×720

WLT Charlotte Stokely Kendra Spade Oct 07 2018.mp4

[ANND-005] My Own MILF – A Pervert with Big Tits Who Gets Teased

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[ANND005] 私の熟女 – 巨乳の痴女、ひそかに怒る


[TOD-205] Card-Carrying Lesbians Why a Beautiful CEO is So Caught Up in Her Job

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[TOD205] カードを運ぶレズビアンなぜ美しいCEOは彼女の仕事でそれほどうまくいかない


[DSE-195] Married Woman Lesbian Series – Secret Lily’s Hall – Namie Hoshino Fujino Miki .

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[DSE195]  レズビアンシリーズ – シークレットリリーズホール – 星野麻美藤野美樹。