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Unsatisfied Japan Wives HD Uncensored

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Unsatisfied Japan Wives HD.mp4

CRPD-194 – Jealous Incest Among A Horny Pregnant Mama, Her Spoiled Son, And Precocious Daughter

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

[CRPD194] 大きな腹過保護ママセクシュアリティとマセ姉妹近親相姦

They suck on their tits and pussys in the bathtub. Then Her “Son” fucks her in missionary on the bed and cums on her belly. At the end they suck on each others tits and pussy.


[MIAE-015] Become A Girl, I That Had Been Lesbian Blame. Otsuki Sound Yui Hatano

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

[MIAE015]【DMM限定】女の子になって、レズ責めされちゃった僕。 大槻ひびき 波多野結衣 生写真2枚付き


[JUFD-715] Kiss Nipple Blame Lesbian ~ Obscene Rezukisu Nipple Torture – Misaki Honda Tachibana Ruri Of Sister-in-law

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

[JUFD715] 接吻乳首責めレズビアン~義姉の卑猥なレズキスニップル調教~ 本田岬 立花瑠莉


[BBAN-122] Lesbian Teacher and Schoolgirl Forbidden Relationship Kept From Clingy Best Friend 1080P

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

So the full title is “Lesbian school girls fucked in front of friends”. And basically the vid is about a hot female teacher and one of her female students who are having a secret lesbian relationship, and the girl’s clingy friend who is always around forcing the two of them to find ways of expressing their need for each other without her finding out. (Cause the teacher is super horny) and wants to fuck/fool around with the girl any chance she gets (which isn’t always easy for them).
First they fool around in the classroom when the girl’s friend steps out, the teacher takes the iniative the second the friend is gone, and manages to get as far as fingering her a bit before they have to stop as the friend comes back. The next day the friend actually falls asleep in class (and being a porno she is out cold) allowing them to fool around again (even with her right next to them), where the teacher gets to go down on the girl and play with her a little before deciding to pull her out into the hall to fuck her properly (since there is apparently no one else in the school and the hall is a better place to get naked) where they’re able to get a lot more into it and get a good little back/forth pleasure before they decide to call it a day.
The next scene is apparently at the school girl/love interest’s house, where the teacher comes over and they waste no time going to the bedroom and having a much longer/better fuck than last time.The funny thing is about half way through the schoolgirl’s friend comes over and walks in on them. And while they acknowledge her presence it doesn’t even slow them down. She actually stays and watches them for a while before leaving and letting the two of them finish.
The next day the two girls have an awkward conversation on the roof (I have no idea what they say) but it quickly cuts to the girl and the teacher at it again in the gym storage room, with the girl in a school swimsuit. Just as they’re getting started the friend comes in and (I think) tells them she wants to join/be a part of their affair. Cause she basically ends up joining them, and having a big lesbian threesome in the storage room where the the teacher and first girl double team her, as well as the teacher instructing the two schoolgirls to fuck each other (and her as well) to make the last scene of the vid a pretty hot way to complete the story.

Now there are no sequels or anything to this as far as I found, however I was able to name all 3 girls in this, so hopefully they have more vids on here tagged.


[ADN-119] Being Fucked In Front Of The Husband Of The Eye – Gaiden You’ll Lie, I Do Not Believe It!

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

[ADN119]  夫の目の前で犯されて― 外伝 あなた嘘よ、信じないで!


[NHDTA-961] Aphrodisiac Lesbian Molester 3

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

[NHDTA961] 媚薬レズ痴漢 3 NHDTA


[HAVD-952] Intertwined Thick Kiss Lesbian Mother-in-law And Indecent Relationship Saliva-soaked Lips And Tongue Of Daughter

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

[HAVD952] 接吻レズビアン 義母と娘の淫らな関係 唾液まみれの唇と舌が濃厚に絡み合う


[MUM-273] The First Ever In AV History Real Virgin Twins Double Deflowering

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Scene 1: They start the scene by a brief interview then they “examining” a couple of guy’s dicks. After giving the dicks a closer inspection the twins start giving their man a bj with both guys cumming on their girl.

Scene 2: The guys kiss and grope their girl while undressing them. Each girl is then spread wide open while one guy sucks, smells and examines their pussies. After the guys suck on their pussies the girls give the guys a bj. They then take turns losing their virginity, the first twin takes it nicely with the other one squirms in pain. To finish it off the guys cum on their faces.

Scene 3: The girls masturbate using an egg vibrator. A guy then fingers both girls trying to make them squirt, but only one does.

Scene 4: After some kissing and fingering one takes turns fucking each twin with a cumshot on the face on one of the twins to finish.


WIFE CLUB 6732 HD Uncensored

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

WIFE CLUB 6732.wmv